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Friday, March 6th, 2009

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    Fic: Guess The World Didn't Stop 1/1 Xover Without a Trace
    Title: Guess The World Didn't Stop.
    Author: Lopaka Tanu
    Disclaimer: I do not own The Magnificent Seven or Without A Trace.
    Characters: Vin, Jack, Ezra, Chris, Mona Stanfield.
    Words: 5930
    Sequel To: 'Not The Type You Bring Home To Mom.'
    Fandom: The Magnificent Seven/Without A Trace
    Pairing: Chris/Vin(Martin)
    Rating: Adult
    Warnings: Language, Angst.
    Summary: Part of returning from a long undercover assignment is seeing a shrink. Martin is no different in that regard.
    Author's Note: A series of therapy sessions and meetings between agents.
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