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RP: Choosing Ceremony [13 Feb 2016|08:36pm]

Characters: Everybody
Date: 13. February, 2006
Setting: The pavilion at Villa Lotus
Summary: The Final Ceremony
Warnings: TBD

witty text here )

RP: Country clubbing (Backdated) [13 Feb 2016|02:08pm]

Characters: Romilda & Blaise
Date: 2/10/2006
Setting: Nashville country western music clubs
Summary: Blaise & Romi have their date, country-style! (An evening of live music club hopping in Nashville, TN)
Warnings: TBD

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[13 Feb 2016|08:08am]

Characters: Bill Weasley, Melinda Bobbin
Date: Thursday, Feb. 11 [backdated, sorry!]
Setting: Picnic on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, MX
Summary: Bill takes Melinda on a picnic.
Warnings: PG-13 at the least?

A picnic for two )

RP: You're all invited [12 Feb 2016|09:09pm]

Characters: Open to everyone!
Date: February 12th
Setting: Villa Lotus, evening
Summary: Dinner is served for all the love seekers.
Warnings: TBD

Their time here in the villas was nearly up. )

RP: Horseback Safari [09 Feb 2016|02:35pm]

Characters: Millicent and Cináed
Date: 9. February 2006
Setting: Masai Mara, Kenya
Summary: Cináed has invited Millicent horseback riding in Masai Mara, Kenya
Warnings: TBD

witty text here )

RP: Choosing Ceremony [06 Feb 2016|10:21pm]

Characters: Everybody
Date: 6. February, 2006
Setting: The pavilion at Villa Lotus
Summary: 5th Choosing Ceremony
Warnings: TBD
witty text here )

RP: One tequila, two tequila... [03 Feb 2016|08:27pm]

Characters: Lavender Brown, Cormac McLaggen
Date: February 3rd
Setting: Tequila tasting in Cabo, MX
Summary: It's tequila time!
Warnings: TBD

the time differences could be a little disorienting )

RP: An evening walk [02 Feb 2016|02:44pm]

Characters: Bill and Melinda
Date: 2. February 2006
Setting: National Mall, Washington, DC
Summary: A romantic evening walking tour of the National Monuments in Washington, DC

witty text here )

RP: The party has finally arrived [31 Jan 2016|05:00pm]

Characters: Romi Vane + OPEN
Date: Jan 31 2006
Setting: The main bar
Summary: Romilda blows into town.
Warnings: Knowing Romi, danger ahead!

Read more... )

RP: A date in India (backdated) [28 Jan 2016|03:20pm]

Characters: Adrian & Alicia
Date: Jan 28th 2006 (Backdated)
Setting: A tour of Bodh Gaya, Buddhism's pilgrimage site in India
Summary: Adrian takes Alicia on his date
Warnings: TBD

It really was beautiful here. )

RP: Choosing Ceremony [30 Jan 2016|02:14pm]

Characters: Everybody
Date: January 30, 2006
Setting: The pavilion at Villa Lotus
Summary: 4th Choosing Ceremony
Warnings: TBD

We have two weeks left. )

Journal: By the way... [27 Jan 2016|10:05pm]

Date: January 26th (backdated)
Public/Private: Visible to Cormac (and the cameras)
Summary: Lavender has a date.
Warnings: TBD

Maybe I'm too nice )

[26 Jan 2016|10:23pm]

Characters: Blaise and Lavender
Date:Setting: Great Wall of China
Summary: Learning that every venture with a new female doesn't have to have sexual overtones
Warnings: Blaise might show he's human

No one could argue that Blaise wasn't taking full advantage of exploring the opportunity from every angle. )

RP: Marshmallows! [26 Jan 2016|11:36pm]

Characters: Bill and Melinda + Open
Date: 26. January
Setting: The kitchen in Villa Acacia
Summary: Melinda promised Bill she would show him how to make marshmallows
Warnings: TBD, though it’s sticky and gooey and Bill & Mel

witty text here )

RP: New arrival [24 Jan 2016|03:13pm]

Characters: Cinead MacFusty + OPEN
Date: 01.24.2006
Setting: The main bar
Summary: Cinead arrives at paradise
Warnings: TBD

they weren't lying when they called this place paradise )

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