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May. 16th, 2016



I've been super sick the last two weeks. I spent a week at home, not doing much of anything at all, and last week I pretty much got home, ate, and went to bed. I'm going to do my catching up soon, I promise.


Evan, Kai, Simon, Johnny, Cavan, etc and so on forever.

Jan. 11th, 2016


The Land of Fairies

In honor of David Bowie, in a week I will be sending Simon back home for a visit. Which means, anybody else who would like to can also come. I will do an introduction post on the in-game board when it's ready to happen, but for now, here is this information:

- Simon's home is the realm of Fairyland, it has many names and none of them are wrong.

- Fairyland is home to many species of mystical beings. From sprites to brownies to unicorns to dragons. They all exist within. (Things like vampires and werewolves do not, though. Those are Earth things. If you have questions about distinction, please ask. The medieval rules for the other creatures can be applied, for fairies, I will put them here)

- Fairies, like Simon, are the ruling class. They are the highest of the beings, though most are not actual royalty.

- There are very few partial blood creatures within this realm.

- Most of the denizens of Fairyland are okay with humans, but Fairies, in general, are not. They see them as the lowest of the low. Trash. Boring.

-- of course, fairies see most creatures as far below them.

- A fairy's kiss is a bad thing for any non-magical being to receive. It is addictive, and has driven some to madness, and even occasionally to death. (If you are not sure if your character would be victim to this, you can ask. I kind of think it might be fun to have a fairy kiss addict, though Simon would not be able to alleviate that need) It should also be noted that fairies are a highly attractive race, humans are naturally very drawn to them.

- A fairy cannot lie, but that does not mean they can't skirt the truth. They are very clever.

- Fairies are extremely drawn to sweets and shiny objects.

- Fairies are highly inquisitive.

- Fairies enjoy making deals, never make a deal with a fairy unless you're sure of the terms. Never say "thank you" to a fairy, it implies you owe them something. This also goes for "I owe you" and other such phrases. If you accept food or gift from a fairy, make sure that it's given without strings.

- Fairyland is vast and beautiful and is connected to the mortal plane through many portals. There are some modern things in Fairyland, but none of it will be made of cold iron.

- Cold iron is a bane to fairies . If you have anything made of it, it will not make the journey onto this world. (this is pure iron, not steel) Cold iron weapons cause a particularly large amount of damage to them.

Um. That's all I can think of. If anybody has anything else, ask or let me know and I'll add it to this.

Dec. 10th, 2015


OOC questions

As always, these are just for fun. If you'd like to work them into game canon, feel free to either work that out with people OOC or thread it out.

Give a gift as a secret admirer - nice gifts only (can be naughty but not mean).
Give your enemy a gift - again nice or naughty nice, not mean.
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
If you could spend Christmas with anyone, who would it be?

Dec. 7th, 2015


Santa, Baby!

For characters who are visiting the Winter Wonderland world, Santa IS around and he will be making a list and checking it twice. If your character visits Santa and asks for something, he will most likely find a way to grant it. Of course, if your character asks to go home or for someone to be brought to them that isn't a played character, this will only be for the duration of Christmas day.

And of course, characters can't make people fall in love with them and can't ask Santa to kill anyone.

Feel free to post questions or if you don't want to write it out, post what your character will ask for. Even if you do want to thread it out, but want to plot, post here as well.

Nov. 27th, 2015


New planet: Winter Wonderland

I think I've talked to most of you about this, but here is the official info and plot post for the latest planet. You are welcome to have characters visit this one and return to the planet they were on previously if you'd like.

This planet will essentially be Santa's village. Santa's workshop is the center of town, with a few shops where characters can pick up presents and wrapping paper and other holiday decorations. There are a few restaurants and even a bar at the center of town. From there, a few neighborhoods surround the downtown area. One of those neighborhoods is the guest village, filled with little to bedroom cabins for all of your characters. Though they will never see the force behind it, each morning they will wake up to a fully stocked fridge and cabinets, and the cabins will be cleaned each night as well. Cabins are fully furnished and come with Netflix equipped TVs and fireplaces.

Other winter holidays will be represented in their own Burroughs off the village.

There will be lights and decorations EVERYWHERE. There are some regular human residents, but mostly the village is filled with elves. These elives are usually around 4 feet tall, and are the cheeriest species you will ever meet. The grumpier you get with the elves, the more polite and upbeat they are in return. They also burst into song at seemingly random intervals. If one elf starts singing, every elf in the vicinity will join in.

I'm going to throw all my characters in, so let me know if you want them. I'll be starting Laurel/Emma, Natasha/Bruce, Mary/Johnny, and Ray/Felicity sometime over the weekend, but I'm open to more if anyone would like one of mine.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see anything else on this planet and of course, plot with each other!

[Edited to Add]: Money is not necessary in the shops or the restaurants. All one has to do is ask. Also, everyone will have mostly their own wardrobe in the cabins, with a few ugly Christmas sweaters and comfy pjs mixed in. Also, the ground is always covered with snow and soft snowfalls are a regular occurrence, but the temperatures usually stay just cold enough to snow.

And if you need visuals, this should give a good idea of what parts of the village looks like. And this And here is an example of a cabin exterior and interior

Oct. 29th, 2015


Shifter preserve peoples...

Anybody up for shenanigans with Emma? Come on! It'll be fun. What could possibly go wrong? :D

Oct. 24th, 2015



oh hai.

moving is complete, friend has departed and internet works! i should be around with more regularity now. i've even watched season three of hemlock grove and cannot get sucked into netflix. :P

i have threads for nine (wrapping?), annabelle and destiny. would anyone like to plot anything with logan or dean?

Oct. 20th, 2015


So, I've got this thing...New world announcement!

So,there's a new world out there for people to enjoy. Marvel uni and shifter preserve are still open.

This new world is Celebrity Hunters! Things you might like to know:

1. Winchesters aren't a big name - ended up People of Letters, very quiet. They may have to deal with their doppelgangers.

2. Things that go bump in the night do with lots of noise and flash. Few things aren't out in the open. There are celebrity demons and such.

3. At least one in the group has a local (Celebrity Hunter World) doppelganger - Jack Oat - but on this world she's Jacqueline Hunter. She's allegedly a descendant of a Templar Knight. If you'd like your character to be a celebrity hunter, please post it in the comments.

4. Angels aren't well known - only by those who already know about them...know about them.

5. There is a social network for hunters and would-be hunters.

6. Most people will have to find housing and such for themselves.

Oct. 10th, 2015



It's your friendly neighborhood Raeness bringing you Storm.

Any plots?

Sep. 30th, 2015


Shifter Preserve

Nels and I are throwing our shifters/weres/changing mutants onto a planet that is a shifter preserve. If you want your character to be there, they don't have to be one of these categories in order to do so.

What the preserve is, is essentially a free range zoo for shifters. There are many land types, just like in a zoo. So it's safe to assume forests, jungles, savannas, etc. There are also natural animals within, presumably to make the shifters feel more at ease (except it's just weird).

If your character is a shifter of any type (see above list), they are going to show up on the planet naked and without any items. They are now a part of the preserve. If they are not, your character will be clothed, and can have some stuff in a backpack/pockets/fannypack/etc. They are now a tourist. Items they cannot have: Weapons of any type, glass anything, toxic chemicals, basically anything that might be used to harm or might do harm to the animals.

There are signs in Latin strewn about that say For the mutant speciem, alia figura, animalis autem homo, lupus hominis, etc.

There may or may not be poachers.

Sep. 28th, 2015


Hey kids,

I was kindly invited to join by one of our mod-folken, so here I am! My name is Paul. You may remember me from such films as Starling Central and Howard the Duck.

Okay, not that last one so much.

I'll be playing Emma Frost, albeit a variant from a non-canonical timeline/dimension, one where Professor X and the canon X-Men are the leaders of the Hellfire Club, while Magneto and the canon HFC Inner Circle are the original (and only) X-Men. In this reality, Emma is Professor Eisenhardt's first and most talented student - and yes, just slightly bitchy and 100% Emma. You can take the girl out of the HFC, but you can't (completely) take the HFC out of the girl.

Anyway, thanks for having me. I look forward to joining the mayhem!

Aug. 22nd, 2015


Haunted Asylum Planet

Mary and the Doctor are heading to somewhere other than the university setting, if anyone wants to join them.

They'll be waking up in a haunted asylum. The place is at least a century old and is on contained on an island. So if anyone looks outside the few windows or makes it outside, there's a 200 foot drop down the violent waters below. The asylum itself has no living occupants, save for any of our characters that might show up. But what it lacks in the living, it sure makes up for in spirits. They may range from sad to angry, but none of them are friendly. Salt lines should keep them at bay, unless something messes with line, whether it's wind or someone accidentally breaking it. Iron will disperse them temporarily. Ghosts may have conversations, may taunt, may be too angry to talk, will likely lash out and try to harm or kill. Have fun with it!

Feel free to have your character wake up with whatever items would help them stay alive. And we've discussed that the TARDIS may be hiding there somewhere for characters to take shelter in.

Feel free to plot here if you'd like to join us!

Oh, and characters are welcome to bounce back and forth between planets if you'd like. As long as you acknowledge each place they've visited (ie, they might think it's weird that they spent one day at the university and then woke up in the asylum) but you're no longer stuck on any one planet for a period of time now that we've moved to the gpsl setting.

Aug. 16th, 2015


Heading to the Marvel Universe

So some of my characters (for sure Laurel, Clark, and Aurora) are going to be heading to a planet that's basically the Marvel universe. We're going to go with a more generic version of the universe, so between any big events.

The twist is that my characters and any that join them will end up in a small college town in Kansas. The town literally has very little but the college, a movie theater, a couple of restaurants, and a Wal-Mart. I'm planning on having my characters end up in dorms (which are divided into boys' and girls' dorms) and finding out they're enrolled in school. It's also the beginning of the semester, so there's the crisp feeling of Fall in the air and the leaves are just starting to turn.

The people of the Marvel universe have very mixed feelings on mutants, so any characters with special powers might get some varied reactions from anyone that they try to help.

Oh, and characters with costumes will find their costumes and some of their wardrobe from home hidden in their dorm closet.

So, who wants to join me? And who has ideas on what we'd like to do there? I'm definitely open to plotting and changing things up if needed.

Aug. 10th, 2015


Converting to a GPSL

Hey all. Your mods have done a lot of talking lately and due to having a lot on our plates, we've decided that it's better to relax things on the game even more. So we're officially converting LW to a group PSL. What this means is that you as players will have more freedom to decide what to do with your characters. The aliens will be rocketing smaller groups of people around to planets and may do so more frequently.

What this means is that you don't have to wait for us as mods to change the planet. If you want to throw some characters on a planet-go for it. If you want to do that for one thread and then have them end up somewhere else, go for it. And if one player introduces a planet that sounds interesting to you, feel free to set your characters there as well. We do ask that you stay with the setup of the game though-so no adding alien species to the spaceship, etc.

This also means that we won't be checking activity as much. So if you feel the need to focus on one character for a period of time, go for it. We've all been playing together long enough that we trust you to be accountable to your fellow players. All that we ask is that you still try to finish threads or at least communicate if you need to drop a thread. And we ask that you tell us if you'd like to drop or add a character. We will no longer be requiring applications, so we just ask that you tell us which characters you'd like to bring in if you get an inkling to do so. We will still accept new players, but brand new to our group will be asked to do an application for their first character just so we can get a feel for their writing style.

We do still have a lot of planets planned, so I will still do OOC posts describing planets that I'm choosing to put my characters at and you can decide if you'd like your characters to join mine there or go elsewhere.

Your characters are also welcome to revisit any planets that we've explored in game before. And of course, you're welcome to come up with your own ideas. We're hoping that this will free things up for all of us and give the game the chance to be more player-driven.

Any questions?

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Plot Post

It's that time again!

Below, list your characters and what plot you would like with them in the near future. Then reply to others to let them know which plot ideas you would like to help them out with. And discuss, discuss!

A few ideas to get you all started:
-Man overboard-feel free to volunteer a character or two to fall overboard and figure out how they would get free of the sea monsters
-Cabin fever-Since our kiddos have been at sea for about a month now, it's safe to say that they are getting a little bit of cabin fever.
-Poker games-cards are one of the few things available onboard for entertainment. (Along with copious amounts of rum)

Aug. 2nd, 2015



I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Jul. 30th, 2015


Slow to the Ate Us....

Kay so I'm going on a vacation from tonight after work until Sunday evening. My replies to any emails will be slow to non-existent. For anything important, those of you with my NUMBAH can text. Otherwise you'll be waiting.

I should resume normal pace come Monday at the latest.

Miss me lots, okay? Okay!

Jul. 28th, 2015


Pirate ship jobs & misc info

So in case some of you are wondering what your character might be doing on the ship, this site has a list of roles and duties that members of a ship's crew may do. Sympathy has taken on the role of ship's captain since she has prior experience and she will be doling out jobs to anyone who asks. Otherwise, characters may simply choose to take up certain roles if you'd prefer. It would be hard for someone to get away with completely slacking off on the ship, since all of our characters are needed to man this vessel safely.

That's not to say that there's not leisure time, though. Most of the bunks will have at least one or two decks of cards available. There is a chess set on board, as well as books in a small library. And of course, there is Rum. Lots and lots of rum.

The kitchen is well stocked with canned foods and other dry goods that are made to last for months at seas. There is salted pork and hard tack (tough, long-lasting biscuits) as well as a few live chickens, some meant for laying eggs and some kept aboard for fresh meat.

If you have any questions or would like us to choose an assignment for your character, please let us know!

Jul. 7th, 2015



There's a new game opening up for those who are in LW and WC. It's called [info]egad! It's a group PSL! It's here and we're starting very soon. So poke around, don't stress about much, and drop your "applications" (if we're even gonna call them that). EGAD! WHAT FUN!

Jul. 3rd, 2015


New Planet: The Pirate Ship

A few days after creatures started to get through the wall, the aliens saw how things were escalating and decided to move their abductees to safer ground. 'Safer' being a relative term, of course. Right before they were moved, the creatures had completely knocked down the wall and were overwhelming the resort. Most of the abductees would have been in the midst of defending themselves or attempting to hide. They will black out for what seems like minutes and wake up on a pirate ship.

The ship has no crew outside of our characters. As such, they will need to step up and take on the roles of keeping the ship moving. Until further notice, there will be no land in sight. What there will be are horrors in the ocean. Sea monsters, sirens, giant squids, and everything else that could be lurking beneath those depths will be there. So let's just say that falling overboard is not recommended.

The ship itself will have quarters enough for everyone to sleep three to a cabin. These quarters will have typical medieval-era pirate garb for men and women. (There will be a choice of dresses or pants for the women) There is enough food to last for quite awhile. There are no electronics, but books, decks of cards, and alcohol are available for entertainment.

And a side note. It's mentioned in the rules that characters can take planetary hiatuses: Laurel Lance is currently on hiatus for this planet.

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