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[29 Nov 2013|10:26am]

Chevy Jones
Wine hangover not withstanding, I've been up since 3AM, Black Friday shopping with the siblings. Nothing like a good fight over the last really cheap tv to get the blood pumping.
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Text to Charlie [29 Nov 2013|11:14am]
So. Much. Shopping.

Mass text to Luca, Caius, Chevy, and Cynthia [29 Nov 2013|02:32pm]
Nieve is in the ER. Somehow she was given a pie with apples in it


I think I hit dumb luck in being home today. I'm with her right now

text to Luca. [29 Nov 2013|07:18pm]
Remind me again never to say yes to my mom when she asks for a favor. I'm kidnapped at Macy's. SAVE ME!!!

text to Hunter. [29 Nov 2013|07:57pm]
Hunt, I'm not feeling alright. I think I ate too much turkey and candy last night.

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