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[18 Sep 2013|03:41am]
Yes, it's me again with my last character: The King of All Things Awesome and Nerdy, aka, Charlie Fisher, aka Flounder!

Charlie is a outspoke, sarcastic and easily scared nerdy guy who happens to be Mica Danvers' BFF. He very intelligent and curious but doesn't use his powers to get good grades at school; instead he devours books about the most random and/or strange things and knows A LOT about stuff that you can't really use in your every day life... Unless you're Buffy. Or a biologist. Or Spock. Or all of them -- which would be kind of awesome. You can read his full bio HERE!

Hit me with some plot! :D

mary xoxo

[18 Sep 2013|04:07am]

Leo Franklin
So, I almost died yesterday. That was fun. Luckily someone was there to pull me out of the water. I literaly owe that person my own life. And note to self: Don't go on the rocks when the tide is high. Bad idea.
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Facebook post [18 Sep 2013|09:16pm]

Hayes O'Connor
I think we should install loud, obnoxious alarms on any and all things that heat up more than 100 or so degrees, and if they're still on after a certain length of time, that alarm goes off until you shut it off. I'm getting real tired of your shit, Newport. I got pretty nicely singed on that last call. Going to need a new work jacket and all. Not to mention they're actually making me take a day or two off to "recover", even though I've gotten burned way worse than this before. Oh well, guess I'll have to find some way to pass the time.
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