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[20 Aug 2013|01:23pm]

Thora Laken
So sick of people being dishonest with me. You know what? Next Monday, the 26th, I am trying to start something. Okay Newport, Day of Thruth. For 24 hours, you HAVE to only say the truth, and not responding doesn't count. Let's see how many people can go through with this! I am. #dayoftruth826
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[20 Aug 2013|04:31pm]

Cee Cole
Well, Newport, I must say you made it easy for a girl to get settled back in. How I have missed you. Anyone missed me?
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[20 Aug 2013|09:20pm]

Mica Danvers
Second day back in the water, and my arms are already protesting. #thisseasonsgonnasuck, #swimteamproblems
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