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An OC-style fable game based in California.
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[17 Aug 2013|03:12pm]

Nico Bauer
Lady, stupidity is not something that the tech guys can fix. Next time, don't drop food on your laptop and get the genius idea to try and RINSE IT OFF UNDER THE FAUCET.
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[17 Aug 2013|11:43pm]
whiteassnow_ @dearblueboy Hunteeeeeeerrrrrrrrr... I'm bored #idkwhattodo #idontwannawork
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[17 Aug 2013|11:46pm]

The Tea Shop Bed & Breakfast
We just received a new shipment of teas, including a lovely coconut blackberry tea, and a new blend of chai. The Tea Shop is open daily from 10 AM until 5 PM.
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[17 Aug 2013|11:48pm]

Caius Halloran
Beat Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in a day. I'm fucking awesome. #bowdowntome #loveme
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