February 26th, 2009

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Letter to Julian

Dearest Julian,

I oft times wonder if you realize how proud it makes me to be your husband. That sounds bad, does it not? To be proud and yet I am. In all my childhood dreams, I never truly believed I would find someone that makes me feel as you do. When you are near, I am at peace with all things-myself, our family, our future. Even with the recent events scratching at the foundations of that security, I believe that my choice to come here was the right one. It brought me you and Michel and that is worth more than anything I can imagine.

I do not know what prompted me to write this, but I felt I needed to let you know how much you mean to me.

All my heart,

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It was only a short walk from the square to the house, and no signs of it belonging to an undertaker. Effie led the way up the steps and across the porch, opening the door and unpinning her hat as she went into the hallway. "Tis surprised I am that your husband and mine dinna hae closer acquaintance."

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Open (while the patrol is out)

It seemed that everyone in town was far too busy paying attention to the patrol to worry about their physical wellbeing. Paul's few appointments for the afternoon had cancelled, and the waiting room was empty, and Jay, according to Elspeth, had gone out to see the patrol depart.

Leaving a message with Harry that he would be in the square looking for Jay and would notify him of any change to that plan, Paul buttoned his jacket, put on his hat, and went out, pausing as he approached the square and the crowd seemed remarkably small.

He turned to someone on the edge of the square with a small frown. "I take it that the sheriff and his party have already departed?"

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The tune had been forming in his head all day. Finally, he escaped to one of the rooms upstairs at the pub and wrote until he had something he liked. It was short but to the point (and he could always add more verses later). He made a good copy, folded and sealed it, and snuck home to leave it where Charles would find it.

When Love Gets You Fast in Her Clutches )

OOC: Composed by Dr. [Samuel] Arnold, 1740-1802

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Note to Delilah

Sent while patrol is out.

Dear Delilah,

I would beg a moment of your time on your return to town to send a note and let me know that you have returned safely.

Edward Parsons