February 22nd, 2009

[info]jameswarren in [info]lechance

Open (Just after the town crier announcement)

Just after midday, and the town crier announcement, and James had taken the opportunity and meandered down to the shore, taking a hardback book of manuscript paper with him. He needed a mental break from the research, and no one had booked him for teaching, so he had a while to relax in, to work out his brain in more familiar ways.

Taking off his shoes and stockings out of fond habit, he settled down by the dunes, resting his back against a tussock, his book propped up on his knees. He was soon busy scribbling hard with his pencil, scratching out phrases that he didn't think would work, and rewriting them. He looked like he was listening intently, head bowed over the paper, brow furrowed in concentration, feet digging into and under the warm sand, murmuring occasionally to himself.

Lifting his head briefly, he moved the fingers of his right hand in midair, in obvious imitation of finding notes on a piano. His eyes were closed, his head tilted and he was singing out notes very softly under his breath. He didn't much notice when a shadow passed over him as someone approached, and was startled as he finally opened his eyes to write.

"Oh apologies, please excuse my rudeness, I was miles away," he said with a nod of greeting, a warm slow smile growing on his face.