February 16th, 2009

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By all accounts, it had been a crazy night for all involved – more crazy for some than others. The town's inventors for instance. Just as they'd been wrapping up their meeting at the museum, they began to hear sounds. They took a hurried vote and agreed they would all go to investigate the sounds. At first it seemed it was just a false alarm but then one of them noticed the slightest glint of metal on light. Very carefully they explored the area around the display and discovered three almost miniscule gears and what looked like a fragile, jointed leg.

They immediately went to look for Leroy. He was a hard man to find, the members of the neighborhood watch were looking for him as well. They'd gotten reports of incidents all over town. The report of strange noises at the library finally made sense, and when, both teams finally found the mayor and reported in, they discovered that the disturbance at the pub had merely been a new and enthusiastic dance patrons had been learning. As for the stables, well, there was a new couple who was rather embarrassed but entirely unharmed. The set about telling Leroy what had happened to them.

Not much later, members of the patrol returned to town and explained that they'd been caught in a high wind. The others looked puzzled – there'd been no such wind in town. They were all sent back to their homes to catch some sleep and asked to reconvene in the morning

And the next morning, the researchers came to Leroy's salon to tell the mayor that they'd broken the code. The strange numbers the previous sheriff had left where actually the location of the area around the fissure. The decision was made to send out Jonas and the patrol to explore.

The town crier was summoned, and she and Leroy worked out a statement. That day, at noon, the news was spread: The newly-formed groups had already proved beneficial. A trap design had been created and would soon be produced. Strange gears had been found in the museum and were being investigate; the patrol group was going to explore the trail to the fissure.

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Ben was still in his work clothes when he came to Jon's office late in the afternoon. He locked the door behind him, climbed onto Jon's lap and bit his throat under his chin and over his collar. "Hello."

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Having heard the news about the trap, Theo set about making Julian's favorite dinner as a way to celebrate. Michel had helped and as a result, Theo had recleaned the kitchen once they were done. Michel was upstairs bathing off the results of his assistance, upstairs with the door open where Theo would hear him singing made up songs.

When he heard the front door, he rinsed his hands and went to greet his husband.

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Leo was still trying to wrap her brain around everything that happened. Of everything, she thought the tiny gears and leg that had been found were the most intriguing and the most mysterious. She couldn't remember when she'd seen work so small and so fine -- or if she ever had.

She'd checked in with the members of the neighborhood watch, checked on her horse and then wandered back through the town. She was off duty and just sort of meandering.