February 11th, 2009

[info]jameswarren in [info]lechance

Gift to Paul- Backdated to the 4th (Evening)

Left on Paul's bedside table so that he'd see it when going to bed:
A tussie mussie, consisting of various decorative grasses, several stems of oats, forget-me-nots, and blue violets, with lace and blue ribbons at the base that Jay has dressed himself.

Message in the language of flowers:
Oats-For music, indicating Jay himself.
Forget-me-nots-For true love.
Grasses-For submission.
Blue violets-For faithfulness.

A small card, handwritten in flowing script is beside the flowers:
"Dearest Ascendant, 
A small gift from me to you. I thought these would go nicely on your bedside table, 
Yours J"