Jul. 7th, 2012


Someone told me to google my name, so I did. I expected to find my books and my grandfather's books and that's about it. I saw his books, but not mine. I also saw a couple of movies and a Broadway musical I've never seen before. I also found a movie that is eerily like my life now--complete with me being an author of childrens books, who was contacted to go to New York to have my books made into movies. So what does that mean, exactly? That my life isn't real at all? That I've just been living a movie?

Jul. 4th, 2012


I ain't liking this place anymore than I did yesterday. How do this people know everything about me, y'all? I mean the show aint a day old and they know my whole life history. We should protest and sit and do nothing. No entertainment means no ratings which means a canceled show. Then we can go home.


Okay, what the fuck?

I just went out to get food and got mobbed by girls screaming my name...

This is all just too weird. I want to go ho

I mean... the girls were kinda alright but...

Is this tv show that popular?


It looks like Caroline and I are the only people here who actually know each other. If they can do that, maybe they could save Elena

Interesting. Guess Mystic Falls is too weird for its own good

Well, I suppose introductions should be made since we're all stuck here. I'm Stefan Salvatore from Mystic Falls, Virginia. It's a headache pleasure to be forced against my will AGAIN kidnapped with you all.


We need to get blood. I would say 'let's try to dodge these cameras everywhere' but that seems pretty impossible and I'm guessing whoever brought us here is already aware of what we are. Just got to be quick in the blood bank.

Jul. 3rd, 2012


Shit no fuck fuck

elena oh god


I can't do this. This stupid game. Just tell me she's okay. I just need to know.

I could have saved her

Jul. 1st, 2012


The wicked witches did this, didn't they? They're trying to keep me from finding the key before they do. I never even had the chance to warn Billie. Allen? Are you here? Billie? Anyone? I really need to get back to New York.


Ya'all better be kidding me! I ain't got time to deal with this right now. You need to send me back to Bon Temps! Tara needs me!

I've 'bout had it up to here with pushy ass people tellin' me what to do! Bill Compton, Eric Northman, ya'all better not have had nothing to do with this!


What the hell's going on?


Oh hell no! I can not be here! Send me home right now! RIGHT NOW!