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PLEASE READ THIS [13 Jan 2018|10:27pm]

i will still be coding for you all but i will no longer be using lamarcodem to do so.

as i've not heard from squirtle since before christmas i've moved all of my stuff over to my own journal. this account and codiefoster belong to them and i don't feel right using it without them. furthermore i can not edit any posts they made.

if by chance squirtle does come back i will happily step aside and give this job back to them as they started it in the first place, but i've tried to reach out and haven't heard anything back.

i will not be moving any of squirtle's creations as i think it would be pretty rude. i understand that this might be a slight inconvenience to not have all our stuff in one place, but please understand that i just don't feel that it's right to use a journal they created without their involvement or offer their creations just like i would not post something of yours without major edits.

i very much hope you all make the move with me as i've loved coding for you guys and want to continue to do so. you can find my request post here and my directory here, as well as my other posts i've made in [info]tentacool. nothing will be friend locked.

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