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July 7th, 2008

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C'est La Vie - an Occupied France 1941 RPG
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July 7th, 2008

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Who: Victoire, the bartender at Le Moulin Noir, and anyone involved in the Resistance
Where: Le Moulin Noir
What: Victoire has heard of the Resistance at Fancy's place and is more than willing to join.
When: July 7, late.

As Victoire moved through the underground passage toward Le Moulin Noir, her thoughts were not on which turn to take and which ones led the wrong way -- she knew this path practically by heart, her feet seeming to move of their own accord as if they recognized a familiar trail. Instead, the redhead's mind was swirling furiously with what she had been told today. A Resistance, someone had whispered to her during her cigarette break. The words had been ringing in her ears since. Along with them came the images of Yuri, somewhere she didn't know or dead. Her husband, the handsome bespectacled Russian who had loved her piano playing and his wife. Part of Victoire wanted to believe that Yuri had escaped the Nazis who had taken him away and that he was hiding in Le Moulin Noir, the genius behind the Resistance Movement. She could almost see him sitting at a table near the back of the club, his face clouded by cigarette smoke, waiting for the day that Victoire would turn up. Because he knows that she would.

The ramifications of getting caught were huge. But that didn't bother little V. No, she was more than willing to lay her life on the line to do something to fight for her missing or dead husband and for those men and women who were in similar situations. Her father was a soldier and so was she. Victoire didn't mind getting her hands dirty and she wasn't afraid of hard work. This Movement was something that she had been waiting for since the beginning of the German occupation. She knew Paris and its people and was convinced they would rise up together. She just didn't realize it would take this long.

Victoire was shaken from her thoughts as she finally reached the door of the club and gave the password. The man at the door recognized her, of course, but you always had to give the password. Once inside, she gave him a small smile before directing her gaze toward the back of the room. It was almost as if she couldn't help it -- she knew Yuri wouldn't be there, but she had to check. "Don't be an idiot," she thought as she moved toward the bar.

"Bonne nuit." She gave the bartender a grin before lighting up a cigarette. "Two things, mon cher -- a dry martini, and I was wondering about some cedar.." Victoire let her words trail off, knowing that this was the key word for getting information about the Resistance. The bartender gave a quick nod and mixed Victoire her drink.

"You'll want to talk to that one over there," the bartender growled lowly as he set the drink on the bar. Victoire turned her head to make sure she knew where she was being directed before thanking the bartender and placing her money next to her drink. She picked up the glass and took a few sips before walking toward a small table near the corner.
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