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June 15th, 2008

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C'est La Vie - an Occupied France 1941 RPG
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June 15th, 2008

A rescue

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Who: Josephine and Alain (TBC in tags)
When: Late night, June 14 1941
Where: streets, then Josephine's home

"Please, let go of my arm," Josephine said, struggling against the drunken soldier that was muttering how beautiful she was and trying to lead her off the main road and into an alley. She'd been walking home from a late shift when she'd run into trouble.

"A bit of that famous French hospitality could go a long way.. come on now pretty lady, we could both have a good time," the soldier slurred.

"The lady is not interested." The voice was cold, firm, and speaking German.

The soldier looked up, straightening as he expected to see one of his superiors. His bleary vision tried to focus on the face in front of him - obviously a man, not in uniform. "I saw her first," the soldier complained, still holding on to her arm. "Be gone with you." Josephine struggled against his grip, but for a drunk man, he held on tightly.

"I do not care when you saw her. She is not interested. Perhaps a word with one of your superiors. I drink regularly with several of the sort who wear those LOVELY leather coats?"

The soldier stiffened. Maybe the man was bluffing, but... the chance was one he didn't want to take. He shoved the woman roughly away from him and towards the man. Josephine stumbled, and fell against the rescuer. "Take her," the soldier groused. "She's probably diseased anyhow- damn French." He started weaving his way offwards.

Alain caught the lady, and took a long, hard look at the man. He would be finding him later. Perhaps he'd even allow for one of his superiors to handle the situation. Perhaps not. The man had just treated a woman of obvious class most shabbily, after all... "Are you alright, Mademoiselle?" He switched immediately to French.

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