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April 10th, 2008

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April 10th, 2008

Spring blossoms

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Who: Ginou, anyone else
Where: Jardin du Luxembourg
When: April 10, 1941 - morning
What: Foraging for useful plants

Ginou pulled her coat tight about her and felt Jeanette's fingers for signs of cold. It might be a glorious spring morning in Paris, but the wind cut like a knife. The baby lay in a makeshift hammock of her very own, made from an old curtain and draped around Ginou's shoulders, while Ginou herself was lucky enough to be wearing the greatcoat of her landlady's late husband. This was her first foraging expedition since Jeanette's birth, although she had run errands for Mme Dupont. She could not exist on the kindness of a widow any longer however, and since her old employer would not allow maids to bring babies to work..

Herbs, buds, blossoms, leaves: most were useful as well as pretty. Roots too, had their uses in cooking as well as medicine, and in times of rationing it was a logical source of income or means to barter. It was clear that numerous Parisians had had the same idea, however, and their trampling over perfectly good plants would make her job that much harder.

It was good to be out and about though, with her sleeping bundle of love nestled against her chest. Fresh air and sunshine did wonders for the soul, particularly when wartime was hidden by the trees.
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