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May 29th, 2010

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg

- Make sure you're logged in with your RP journal.
- Go to the Admin Console
- Copy and paste the following list:

friend add bawwwww
friend remove bestwife
friend remove alittledove

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg


Alright, time for an event o/

Starting today at midnight, and ending on midnight on Friday, there will be a massive blackout in Kiseki.

And not just any blackout. It'll be impossible to make the lights work. Any fires started will be automatically extinguished within seconds. Any magic used to create light sources won't work, either (and the same rules as before apply to magically conjured fires). Even the sun, moon and stars will seem as if they'd been put out.

The only light your characters will have will come from candles:- these'll light up blue, they won't actually burn, and they won't get consumed. They also work by will - as long as your character wants it to be lit, it will, but if they want them to be out (or do something physically to put them out), they automatically will. Although be careful - if you somehow manage to hit them, break them, etc, they'll stop working. Each character will get a single one, which'll float and follow them around. And there will be a small number of them (and I really mean that - it'll be one or two at most) scattered around the island - near the hotel lobby, the Welcome Center, the train stations, and a few around the city, the edges of the forests and the park. It won't be possible to remove these, no matter what your characters might try.

To make things more fun, all the food will disappear from the hotels \o/ So have fun making trips around the place to get your supplies. All Kisekians will be gone during this event, as well, so you'll be on your own.

As always, feel free to ask any questions o/