April 20th, 2017

[info]thestare in [info]kiseki_ooc


Obnoxious little post just to note that Aramis is being updated to 3x08! Meaning he's been doing sneaky reunions with Spanish people, and getting kidnapped and nearly killed, because that's how he rolls.

[info]kingofchildhood in [info]kiseki_ooc


After some thought, I'd decided to drop Mickey Mouse and bow out of the game.

Thanks for the fun ride, and I wish you all well.

[info]oncemore in [info]kiseki_ooc

i am a parody of myself

JL here to restore balance to the world and return Syao to the game, now that one of his moms dads is around!

Stats are at the usual place, and I'll toss him at the newest log soon :>