May 25th, 2016

[info]cannotforget in [info]kiseki_ooc

Oh hey look, hiatus time

So, exam season is around the corner once again and this year's is particulary hetic plus I'm going on a trip this weekend, SO starting this Friday (May 27th) I'll be calling a hiatus until June 17th. I'll probably answer some previous tags from before but to keep myself from not studying and wanting to tag new things, everyone will go home for this hiatus.

This affects Yukine ([info]aguidinglight), Freya ([info]andalake), Pearl ([info]beyourrock), Leo Elster ([info]cannotforget) and Syaoran Li ([info]kininaruyokan). I'll be around plurk ofc so feel free to poke me over there!

Update! Extending the hiatus until the 22nd as it is the day after my last exam. See you soon!