January 15th, 2010

[info]dakaraiwanai in [info]kiseki_ooc


JL-mod here, bringing ... another Syao. At least not a TRC one this time 8D;;

... oh whatever. Just add him and laugh all you want. He's from the end of volume seven, after the incident with the strings :|b

[info]sapphiresea in [info]kiseki_ooc

A couple of things /o/

Okay guys. You may have noticed the thorough lack of Val these last days. My BF is on vacation, hence I'm being kidnapped to our (now yearly) trip to Aspen. \o/ That's the yay!1! side of news on my end. So, calling a full hiatus for approximately two weeks. I won't even breathe near a computer if I can help it, so during this time all my characters are leaving Kiseki.

On another up side, I'm repicking Yasha, who will be reintroduced to the game as soon as I'm back in action.

So, please friend add wolfblade.

After I'm back and since I obviously can't keep a satisfactory tagging rate with four characters, I'm going to keep it AT four characters tops until I get the hang of this. This means that when I return I'll be deciding who I'm going to drop (excluding Umi and Yasha, of course).

Anyway. That'd be it from my part. See you when I see you!