October 11th, 2009

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The time has come for semi-hiatus.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be on something of a semi-hiatus. The end of October is the horrible mid-term time, and I have tests and essays to write. The next two weekends I won't be at my computer all that much just because I'll be hanging out with my friend from home. She's coming to stay at my dorm next weekend, and the weekend after that we're going back home.

So anyway, semi-hiatus for now. I'll still be around, because I seem unable to stay away. But I just won't be around as much. Everybody's staying. This affects Himawari, Fuuma, Yuzuriha, Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Ueda. I am too lazy to specify which Saku, Syao, and Kuro. ffff.

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New mun~

Hello Kiseki~. I'm Shacha, and it's my pleasure to meet you all. (Please be kind to me. *sleepy bow*) I'll be playing Yuui-sensei from Horitsuba Gakuen - still not quite sure on how that happened, actually. It had something to do with SJ and Crys and Oz and fanfic research, and things spiralled from there until I went 'bwuh?' *ponders* 
Anyway, it's good to be here, and I shall post as soon as I wake up later today - it currently being after four am my time and sleep is a good thing as it stops me walking into the furniture. *beams, waves, and disappears into the is it getting light outside?*

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Fresh meat omg.

Hi guys! I'm Lexi, and I noticed you lack computer molested women, so I bring to you all miss Satsuki Yatouji from CLAMP's resident apocalyptic fandom X/1999! Please treat her kindly. Logic, get. Also, this was all Dez's idea. ALL HERS :|

friend add quiesce! I look forward to playing with everybody! ♥