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Apr. 26th, 2015


at late night || action/journal || open to all


[This is the image that will greet you if you answer the journal's calling about a new entry tonight. Ao has found Shinah's journal, and she's evidently considered as close enough to Shinah himself to be allowed to use it... Which means she managed to turn the video function on while nibbling on it.]

[Behind Ao's curious face, however, there's some commotion in Yona's room. Apparently Shinah & co. are caught up in some kind of argument, or maybe just being ridiculous, or, quite possibly, both. Shinah himself, dressed in fluffy moon-patterned pyjamas, is trying to get outside through a window, while Yona holds to his arm and refuses to allow such a thing. The others, some also with sleeping clothes on, are engaged in an enthusiastic discussion the journal can't easily catch...

Perhaps it'd be easier to simply walk by the open hotel room, and try to overhear what they're all saying.]

[[Open log! Interact with Yona and her dragons, or do your own thing! And yes, you can reply to Ao on the journal too, and have the most ridiculous thread. The HHB be here: Yona | Shinah | Zeno | Jaeha | Kija ]]

Apr. 8th, 2015


[Video | Action ]

[ Video ]

It worked...?

[ It's a little late when the feed turns on. The lights are dim, but even in the candle light, Yuuki can be seen sitting upon her knees atop her bed, already changed into her nightgown for the evening. Although it's late, she's still wide awake, despite doing her best to change her schedule. She'll always be a bit of a night owl.

She looks surprised right now. Eyes widening, she lifts a small, metal rod up. Pushing up onto her feet in bed, she gives a flick of her wrist, and in a blur the rod extends out, until, in it's place, is a gigantic scythe. ]

AH-! It really did work! [ Her weapon is back, all thanks to a little note. Twirling it around in an arc, she gives a fanged grin. ] Am I glad to see you, Artemis. I'm not parting with you again.

[ Action ]

[ Dressed up and out of her nightgown, Yuuki can't help but make her way out doors. It's not far from the hotel. She really isn't all that fond of wandering off on her own in such a weird place, but it's on the roof top of the bakery, where she assumes she wont bother anyone. Besides, most would be in bed now, wouldn't they?

She hasn't been able to practice going through her basic forms lately. And it feels good to move and stretch in the semi crisp evening air. If anyone is out and about and should see her, they'll see the silhouette of someone with a large weapon high above them. ]

Apr. 6th, 2015


Video and action | open to all

[The video happens outdoors. There's a blond boy who you might not have seen before, surrounded by a couple of Usyagi as he pets them happily. He seems relaxed. He's actually waiting for someone to find him, his soul and presence is reaching out to three people in particular. You can't tell that by the video, of course.

They'll find him. This time he's letting them get to him first. They never got to search for him formally anyway, so it's fine. But just in case, it's good to have a backup plan since he's starting to get hungry. He stops playing with the bunnies with one hand, and waves at his journal.]

Hello, hello~! Where can I get some food? Or is it hard to find?

Hey, Happy Hungry Bunch, Zeno is here! I can feel Hakuryuu and Seiryuu and Ryokuryuu, so come find me.

Apr. 4th, 2015


[A man with a green ponytail here is very bothered by being stalked by a book, though he can only be seen from behind.] I've seen many things in my life, but that's definitely a first. Somebody, please tell me that I am dreaming. I'm not seeing that right, am I? What's up with that?

[A few steps later, he sighs.] Okay, this has gone far enough now.

[He turns around, his face now visible.]

Alright, I know I'm extraordinarily beautiful, but that is no reason to follow me around like that. I don't appreciate being pursued, okay? Try another tactic.

[Then, in a smaller voice, as if he is talking to himself.] I can't believe I am saying that to a book.

[A few steps later, Jaeha becomes a bit more frustrated, even if it is not exactly visible on his face.] Hey, you still haven't stopped it. Just what kind of book is that?

[He jumps, leaping right into the sky.]

Hehe, I told you, I don't like being followed around! Give up! [... though he'll learn his escape won't be too successful.]

Apr. 3rd, 2015


002 ❀ Action | open to all

[The rain from the last few days is finally starting to clear out – and a good thing, too, because it’s April 1st! As is tradition with Miracle Country, the world wants to help celebrate this important birthday – both Sakura and Syaoran’s, as well as missing friends – so what’s that in the sky?

As the clouds clear out, it’ll become clear that there are… presents hanging around, quite literally.

There are presents hanging mid-air and all around today, with little tags attached with “catch me” and “gift me” or “for Sakura-hime”, as these presents are meant for her. Inside, there are replicas of all of both Sakura’s precious memories – you might find a stuffed animal shaped like Mokona, or plushes of puppies or kitties, or perhaps something more simple like a hairpin from one of the worlds she visited. There’s the possibility of finding an old lantern, kitty memorabilia, toy replicas of racing dragonflys, or flower crowns. There’s a little bit of everything, and some generic items, too: hair decorations, flower bouquets, pretty decorative boxes, jewelry, or new shawls and scarves – all with specific themes from the worlds they come from.

They’re everywhere today! Hanging in the air (and there are plenty of hot air balloons around in order to guide along and retrieve them), as well as scattered around the park, near the lake, along the bridges leading to the other islands, as well as at the other islands themselves. The presents might even move around, following you along to try to encourage you to catch them and give them to Sakura – or you can keep them for yourself, or gift them to someone else. They might knock against your head if you prove to be particularly stubborn, then float away before you can make a proper grab for them.]

[ooc: Open mingle for everyone - and obviously backdated to April 1st. Sakura will have a top comment for those who'd like to interact with her specifically. Otherwise, go wild and have fun!]

Apr. 2nd, 2015


voice + video || open

Nothing quite measures up to your first time, does it?

[ The Kisekians hearing this voice won't be met with a face to match. Instead, they're generously afforded a view of his bedroom window - a static image if it weren't for the pitter patter of mundane water droplets and the bank of clouds visible on the horizon. Yes, it's still raining a slow and endless drizzle. ]

Really, it's so interesting. When people discover something for the first time, isn't that when their senses are the most open to feelings of awe and exploration? They see it for what it really is then - untainted by personal context, history, or experiences. It just is the way it is before their mind starts to analyze it, to connect to it, to form opinions on it. It's just same for everyone here. [ He lets out a laugh and shifts the camera to focus on his face. His smile is gentle and relaxing - almost innocent. Almost. ] That's right. Identical drips and drops of people pouring into unique paths.

Still! It's just so interesting, so fascinating, and I can't help but wonder: What was your Miracle Country debut like? Do you still miss the ones you've left behind? Were you devastated to find yourself uprooted from your home or were you happy to have left? Do you feel like you've changed this place or like this place has changed you? And oh, what was the hardest part?

[ Does he expect people to answer such personal questions? Debatable, but it's out there. He stops abruptly and changes the subject without a single hitch in his tone. ]

By the way, does anyone have a shogi board to spare?

[ ooc With his intro out of the way, I'd like it if you guys could fill out this permissions post! ]

Mar. 29th, 2015


action || open to everyone

[Good day, Kisekians! We hope you weren't planning to go outside too much today, because after a very cloudy day yesterday, today will be raining almost non-stop. With most of the sakura washing away in this manner, it's a pretty scenario, even if it's very wet. What a better moment to take a break, and make good use of the common rooms? Watch a movie with your friends, catch up on your homework, complain about being stuck inside via journals...

Or, if you're the type to enjoy days like these, grab your umbrellas and head outside. Places like the zoo or amusement park won't be open, but the shopping district will run as usual, there's the other islands available... You could be brave enough to head to the gardens, but if you return to the hotels area and cover everything in mud, you could find yourself facing a very determined Usyagi who wants you to mop it up.]

Mar. 23rd, 2015


action || open to everyone

[As you all know, spring has arrived! Long gone are the days of snow and blizzards...

Of course, Kiseki loves this season. Fittingly for the time of the year, all the trees will bloom... pink, as temporarily most trees in the land will change into cherry blossom trees. Everywhere you look, it'll be covered in the pretty pink flowers, the weather sunny and comfortable, perfect for walks or having a picnic at the park or forests.]

Mar. 19th, 2015


video || open

[The recording shows inside of Aramis's room, the dauphin set comfortably on the bed, surrounded by marginally less pillows than you'd expect (many of them ruined during the blizzard - Elsa, this is your greatest crime to date). In turn, there're some plush toys and a cute blanket on him. He's watching Aramis, who is kneeling next to the bed, and telling him an evidently fascinating story.] [He may be holding a couple of plushies to recreate the scene, too.]

We all fought the prisoners, but then! [He makes a shocked face, pausing for dramatic effect.] Vadim had your mother! [Gasp! He holds up a plush bear against a smaller bear with a big bow] Everyone stopped and held their breaths. He wanted the gates to be open, and he wouldn't let her go. Our Captain accepted the deal, and the orders were given... [He tosses the bigger bear aside.] Vadim let go of your mother, but then as they escaped, they opened fire! She was caught up in the middle of it! [Shakes the smaller bear, it's clearly distressed! Baby dauphin responds to this moving display of deep emotion by sucking on his own fist. Aramis puffs up his chest proudly, nodding reassuredly.]

But you have nothing to worry about! I ran to her side, [he grabs a different plush, making it move over to the smaller, bowed one.] and I threw us both onto the ground! [Both bears are smushed together and flopped onto the bed.]

Bullets were flying all above us! But none touched us, and after a while it stopped. And, see, [he puts up the bears into a standing position, facing each other. Hopefully it conveys the romance of it all. Aramis smiles at the memory, ridiculously fondly] your mother was so brave, she endured all of that... [He's going to skip over the part where Vadim had a gun pressed against her head, and where he was being a creep to her. Probably not very baby-appropriate of a story.]

[He reaches over to let the baby grab onto his hand, playfully.] Later, she received Porthos and I at the palace, and she gave me this... [holds up his crucifix to him.] Because she thought I was the brave one.

[Leans over closer to the baby, smiling at him and then smiling even more when the baby grins at him too. He stays there, just being dumb with the baby for a moment and then pulls back a little again, still holding his hand.]

Ah, but I have many more stories. Did I tell you how we met d'Artagnan...?

Mar. 12th, 2015


action | Sherlock scavenger hunt

[The residents of Kiseki might have noticed Sherlock milling about the last few mornings, early before most people are up, carrying around various bags and equipment. Or perhaps not. This is Sherlock, and he's nothing short of eccentric. If anyone was curious about what exactly he's been up to, the answer comes in the form of a letter sent out to all of the students and faculty, informing them of a "Super Sleuth Scavenger Hunt" set for Saturday morning. The letter also explains that the hunt is free to the public, if students or teachers wish to invite some friends, and can be used as extra credit for those who attend his class.]

[In each letter is a check list of the following items: A small brown chest full of gold coins hidden in woods, an old fashioned jack-in-the-box sitting on a swing in the playgrounds, a porcelain doll with in a pink gown and curly red hair hidden in the library, some glass marbles in a jar by the elephant exhibit in the zoo, a large rubber ducky floating in the swimming pool, and a gold ring that is a replica of the one seen in the Lord of the Rings films on a chain hanging from one of the branches of the infamous Sakura Tree. All of these are simple enough to find, yes?]

[Of course, this is Sherlock. Nothing is ever so simple, as some will probably guess. And in each place around where an item has been hidden, there are some carefully laid traps set to spring. One may, for example, rush to retrieve the chest of coins, step over a harmless pile of leaves, and suddenly be caught up in a net. Or perhaps before they discover the large rubber ducky, they will open the wrong door and be greeted by a bucket of ice water pouring over their heads. Water balloons, boxes that contain the wrong items, doors that lock behind people (anyone that paid attention to his lesson on lock picking should know how to escape). Perfectly harmless, but certainly a nuisance.]

[Sherlock, naturally, doesn't disclose the location of the items or his booby traps. However, he does offer a friendly reminder to avoid the more dangerous parts of Kiseki and the Winged Island. The letter ends with this: A good detective is always resourceful and resilient, no matter how benign the case may be. Best of luck to you all, and hope to see you bright and early come Saturday morning.]

[[OOC: This is an open mingle for everyone! And if anyone has ideas for other silly traps their characters can run across, feel free to include those! So long as they don't harm anyone, it's fair game ^^]]

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