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February 12th, 2013

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Hello! Forgive me if this is brief, convoluted, or misspelled. I'm currently posting from a pre-surgical waiting room. Don't worry, nothing serious. My little brother (age 6) is having his tummy scoped to confirm whether he has a gluten allergy or not.

Anyway my name is Heather. I'm bringing you a brand new crow called Corbin Corvinus. He is a... how to put this... cannibalistic psychotic murderer and assassin for hire. He also sells shiny trinkets as a cover. Uh so yeah. Everything can be found in his app. Let's just say he isn't very nice and automatically comes with a rated R warning most days.

I can be contacted at Nemesiskismet on any form of messaging possible. Gmail, live, steam, Yahoo, aim.... however my gaia online is lil geek attack if we're being retro.

February 6th, 2013


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So, I was just going to throw up a Carnival thread, but then K pointed out that maybe there should be an OOC thread about it.

The Masquerade Carnival is the end of War Festivities. It will be held mostly in the Town Square. Costumes and Masks are encouraged. There are game booths, food booths, alcohol tent (provided by Darian Dymond), a Tea Shop tent (provided by the Tea Shop), local merchants can have booths, etc. Think the Carnival in Venice mixed with early 1900s traveling carnival games.

The Carnival will commemorate the 'Fallen Heroes' of the War and the thread will go up on Friday.

Rebels will have had a personal courier spread the word amongst them about keeping the public safe from whatever the Queen has planned.

Plotting, planning, outfits; post here.

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Ok hi! I've settled in to the new place and am now playing catch up so I'm ready to get back into the game :)

January 30th, 2013

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So, hey. Weird timing & no1curr, but I got tired of my old AIM username and got a shiny new one @ asphyxiotics.

So IM me there if you ever need to, and don't be alarmed if I message you out of nowhere and start talking to you like I know you.

♥ K

Have a great day!

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Guys, I managed to finish an app!

This girly here is Minta Metvica (both means "mint" in different languages, because I'm creative :|) and she is, who would have thought that, a mint. She's super nice and friendly and will try to make all of the people in Wonderland smile. She's super optimistic and a tiny bit naive and innocent. Minta is blind to any faults and dangers and tends to be stupidly brave. The girl asks more questions than most people can answer and is constantly looking for new things, things she can learn. Minta doesn't stay at the same place for very long because her inexhaustible thirst for knowledge leads her to new places. She's on the side of the Rebellion and more about her can be found here.

Being a mint, causes her to smells strongly, but luckily it's a nice smell. People usually smells her before they see Minta and in the long run, this smell can cause bad headache, but also free airways. Whee!

January 28th, 2013

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Hey hey! Aura here introducing girl number 2. Fog! Or GarĂșa, but she doesn't use that name all that often, by which I mean at all.

Fog has been around since forever, is best buddies with Storm and basically works as an errant story teller. She does have a room in Chessica's tree house, but she's not around there all that often. Girl can't stay put for too long.

She's also full on rebellion, but is crafty enough to keep that secret from the non-rebellion people. I mean, she even tells stories to the Queen, so yeah.

You can find her app here. She's a pretty nice person all around, although her tendency to suddenly leave without saying a thing and being absent for God knows how long tend to affect her relationships.

And that's basically it!! Now I gotta do some tagging.

January 27th, 2013

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I should prob apologise for my slowness. I'm in the middle of not only getting ready to go back to work next week ;-; but this coming weekend I'm moving out of home so organising for that is taking up a lot of my time. I'm around but as you can see I will sometimes fall slightly behind. Feel free to poke if I miss something!

January 25th, 2013

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Good masters! Sweet ladies! Lend me your ears.

Fresh meat right here: Hello! I'm Hidossa and I've got our errant white chess princess here. Her name is Lily, or Lily Fourth rather because the White Queen went about naming all her daughters Lily and she had three sisters and they were all Lily too and it's a long story. Which doesn't matter anyway, because she goes by Dove now! You know, ever since the Queen of Hearts went about killing her entire family and stuff and she doesn't fancy having her head lopped off. So she's been laying low--or at least as low as her disposition permits for. Currently she funds her life style by participating in the Caucus races. She even won once and has a wealthy sponsor who really enjoys seeing her normal polish get all beaten and bloodied. A girl's gotta keep herself in antique carpets and Faberge eggs somehow okay?

Lily's composed in temperament, polite but tactlessly blunt, talks fast and will frequently respond to remarks or questions that haven't been voiced yet because brain tends to jump several minutes into the future without alerting her temporal awareness, and calls absolutely everyone by terms of endearment--friends usually have customized pet names and everyone else just gets random selections from her general arsenal. You are welcome, Wonderland. She also has rampant OCD and really likes watching people clean so....yeah. If you're good at scrubbing floors she has a lucrative if vaguely creepy offer for you...

So that's about it! More cohesive information about her not garbled by my distracted rambling can be found aqui and I'm gonna work this here corner for plot. Frands? Enemies? Someone who helped her hide during the Chess Board War? Anyone who wants to polish the silver in front of her? Let's do this.

January 24th, 2013


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Hey gurls and boys, this is K, and I've been kicking around an idea, which I'd like to intro here and kick around some ideas for.

The Queen obviously dislikes Oysters, and she is obviously coming to the end of her two week celebration. Point being, she wants to end everything with a bang. A serious one, and thanks to a very special little kitten, she's now thinking about incorporating the whole thing into one big game. And not croquet. Though there probably will be one or two of those before the week is up.

Anyway, The Queen would like to announce a scavenger hunt of sorts. Scavenging, of course, for Oysters, and their tiny little heads.

The rewards are debatable, as she can throw money and gold and people around like it doesn't even matter, mostly because it doesn't. But she does want their heads attached, if it can be managed.

So, I guess what I'm getting at is- Oysters are going to start being worth money (and power, and sex, and really whatever the hell else you want), and it's going to be quite obvious that she is indeed out to get you. Whether or not any of them end up in peril is totally up to everyone else.

Ideas are welcome, comments are too. If this gets okay'd, I'll be putting up a public IC announcement for sure.

January 21st, 2013

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Hello again, people! Me and mine have been quiet because real life did that thing where it decided to happen and not ask permission! So now that both kids are in and I've got time this week, comment bombs will be falling~ Also going to go back and spam the intro posts I've missed.

Going to be quick, because I'm about to head off to work in a bit.

Anyway! This is a Red Rose (Rose Reddington) - she's super vain, works at The Golden Afternoon as a singer, House of Cards allegiance but more accurately the Hearts because pfff, who cares about the others amirite? Deep down at the bottom of her dark heart, she loves her flower sisters and fellow garden spirits dearly - even if they do cause her much embarrassment by not being as perfect as she. I imagine she'd have more enemies or people that are irritated by her than friends, so give me! Or, you know, friends works, too.

Then I have Mr. Sebastian Evans (@[info]fusty). He's an older Oyster borderline Tart who stumbled upon a Cheshire Cat when he first got here and has kind of succumbed to the madness of Wonderland. He works as an associate for the Caucus Racing Track and helps come up with new and exciting obstacles - he tries to make them more dangerous. app here to save time.

I would love whatever you guys are willing to give me!

January 20th, 2013

Nothing to see here, move along

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So as you might notice, Roxy has decided to collect her thoughts on things and peoples and places and just about anything that she gets. Really handy when everyone and everything is particular in one way or another. Or ten. The list is completely IC, so she won't know what she won't know, of course; it will also show her bias towards/against some people...sorry about that. I'll be updating it depending on how her interactions with other go. Additionaly, if you wish for her to note things she might happen to see, I will be more than glad to do so.

The list is here and you can totally comment there if you want something up. I'll be extra careful not to infomod or godmode or what not, but do let me know if it happens.

And that's basically it.

- Aura

January 19th, 2013

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I just wanted to apologize to anyone waiting on a response from Humpty or Tyga, I've been in a weird Chess-centric mood lately and for some reason the other two aren't coming to me as easily. I promise I'll kick myself back into gear, but in the meantime if anyone wants to do anything with Chessica do let me know.

- ♥ Jill

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I was bored so I started a houses page. If you guys would like to randomly find a house that your characters live in and tell me where it is located and who lives there... if there are rooms available for others. I'll add it. It's not necessary. I just find coding a brainless thing to do.


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Ok, I was waiting until I had my Jackalope finished to post an intro for my Oyster also. It just so happened that it took longer than expected.

This is Jacquie Darby, a Jackalope, which is the daughter of a Jack of Hearts and an Alope. Her biologoical father is now the king. So there may be drama there over that. She goes by Darby and is an extremely shy creature. She's easily frightened, but the problem with that is that she emits fear to anyone close by when she is. Which makes her more of a frightening creature than she appears. To trick people she has the ability to mimic any voice she's heard. Like any good Jackalope, she has a slight addiction to whiskey and can be lured into a false sense of security by it.

And then I have my Oyster, Penny Troy. She's the typical party girl. Back home she worked as a Go-Go dancer for a few nightclubs, she was often on some kind of drugs or drunk... though she only did them because she felt her friends would like her better if she participated. She's actually a really nice and bubbly girl, but she wants so bad to be accepted by people that she often has a hard time saying no. Penny hopes to not be beheaded anytime soon >_>

Friends, enemies, hunters, etc?

January 18th, 2013

To reach the Tweedles for work

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Figured, if someone needed the Tweedles for actual trouble making and you know work, no one really knew how to get a hold of them since this is all sort of sneaky and underhanded work and they wouldn't really have a flashy store.

Soooo.... info/deets is all here! :) Also if you wanna set something up, consider that an open post to set up a "contract"

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Kerrin with her third character, THE Duchess, emphasis on THE, because she is the one similar to the Duchess in the story. She is the last living red chess piece and of the royal line. Her mother was the queen, and her father the king.

Her temper flares, obviously, but when she needs to be she can be QUITE charming, it's even one of her powers. Her other power is one that she can not control, and that's creatures tend to change sometimes around her into their animal form without meaning to.

She runs a bed and breakfast in her house. It's something she's never really talked about, but everyone seems to know about anyway!! When people stay they get two square meals (with LOTS Of pepper of course).

Please read her app, it's short and to the point :)

+1 Baby Oyster

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IC Intro is here~

Hey! This is Aura, I know some of you, and hopefully I'll get to know the rest of you soon. I'm here today introducing the first of my two holds, the teenaged Oyster, Roxy Parker. And I know her username is missing a "m", but what can you do, right?

Roxy is the only daughter of a pretty average New York couple, and while she's all about not being average her life so far has been so, much to her disappointment. Nothing like falling down a rabbit hold while being just a bit drunk to change her life! She's never going to drink again. Ever. Despite the fact she still hoped for ~adventures~ back on her world she did not think something like this would happen, obviously, so you can expect Roxy to be confused, surprised and probably quite scared a times. She's overly confident, a regulation smartypants and a bit of a brat though, so she'll probably play it down. Still, her journal is not supposed to be "flummoxed" just for laughs.

And that's basically it! I'm still setting up her journal (and making this post from my iPod) so once I'm done with that I'll introduce her to the game.


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Oh hai there! I'm Alex and this is Richard White aka The White Rabbit. He really doesn't need much of an introduction. He's the Queen of Hearts as her PA, doing a lot of jobs for her. He's very much controlled by the Queen's mood which is why he can change mood so quickly. He's got an assistant in Rory the Lory. He does a lot of work.

Um yeah that's him.

I'm best available via email though I can be around on AIM at times I'm not the biggest fan of it but ask and I can jump on if I'm not on it.

I look forward to playing with you all!

♥ Alex

January 16th, 2013

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It's oh so quiet.....

Syb again. Kit is cat and a distant relative of Cheshire. He's a bit of a brat but also naive and corruptible which could be amusing for anyone looking to exploit someone. He can be aggressive or tantrum when feeling vulnerable but he also loves curling up in warm laps and having his hair played with. So he's sweet and sour, I won't bore you with a lot but you can read about him here

January 14th, 2013

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Hello! My name is Nye, and I have three guys. Well, two guys and girl.

My first is Lyre-flower, who goes by Lyra. (You're supposed to pronounce it as Lie-ra, but I see it and think Leer-a, so whatever floats your boat. Lyra wouldn't mind.) She's a nice flower and will talk to anyone, but she can be emotional. She knows a few moves taught to her by a friend, so she can defend herself, just not for very long. She is a bee keeper and sells her honey at the market in town. For abilities, she can make someone's emotions intensify as she walks by. It only lasts for a few minutes (ten tops) and won't work on others who can control emotions. She also gives people rashes. There are varying degrees of this. It's explained in her app right here.

The second is Lory, who's name is Rory. He loves color and will dress in flashy clothes. And he looks like a rainbow when he's a bird. He's obnoxious. Seriously. As said in the app, "Rory is better than you. That's all you have to know. Because if you know that, know that you'll always pale in comparison to him, then the two of you will get along just fine." He likes to talk a lot, boost himself up. Right now, he's the court messenger and assistant to White Rabbit. But he does have his moments where he can be tolerable. His abilities is being able to turn into a Lory and whenever he raises his voice, the more others can't hear him. His app is right over here.

And last but never least is this guy, Thingamajig or Theodore or Hey You or Whats-his-name. Close friends can call him his name, Thingamajig, or Candle-ends. Enemies, feel free to call him Toasted-cheese. This guy has a hard time remembering everything. He pretty much has no long-term memory, and finds himself having missing moments in his short-term too, only not as bad. Because of this, he'll be wearing more than one outfit for the day and sometimes stink. He's quirky, a bouncy ball of fun. He'll be the one spamming everyone, then forget about it later. He works as a ticket collector on the train, a job main specifically for him. (His bosses took pity on him.) His ability is being able to make someone's immediate memory disappear with a single touch. For the person, it would be like walking into a room and forgetting why. Here is his app.

I think that's it. (I didn't put anything of their histories. It would have been too much. They are a fun read!) Oh, feel free to email me at for things and stuff.
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