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February 8th, 2013

Fallen Heroes Carnival

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Who: The Citizens of Wonderland
When: Thursday
Where: Non'ame Town Square
What: Masquerade Carnival
Subject Lines: [Place, Who's there, Rating]

The end of the Queen Celebrations had finally come. The sun had warmed the town in a marvelous way allowing costumes of all kinds to be worn. The entire town gathered in the Town Square for the final Masquerade Carnival. Various game booths spotted the streets as well as vendors that commonly appeared in the open market. Store fronts kept their doors propped open allowing the cool air to move as freely as they expected the people to. Sure the Queen said that businesses should be closed down and moved to where the festivities were, but if they were already there why move? Colours, designs and fabrics draped the area in recognition of the Fallen Heroes from the war. The Carnival was to appease the public, even though everyone knew the Queen only cared about herself.

Behind the festival several plans were brewing. The Queen's men waited amongst the Carnival festivities keeping their eyes open for Oysters. The Queen had many whims but few involved letting annoyances go. Gathering them all in one place made her game easier. The people of the Rebellion had been sent messages by a courier to make their attempts to keep the Oysters hidden as playful as possible so that they may blend in to the crowd and not look out of place. Being amongst the Carnival was a good morale boost to the Rebels if they didn't need to stress over being killed.

People of Non'ame came in costumes and masks of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Many used the Diamond Specials at the hair and makeup boutiques to look even more colourful.

January 28th, 2013

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Who: Storm and Fog
What: Bestie times. Possibly lots of hugging.
When: Sometime, Monday Evening.
Where: Storm's little abode.~
Warnings: None, unless you consider hugging offensive.

darling! )

January 18th, 2013

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Who: Darian and Delyria Dymond
Where: Ante Up
When : Friday evening.
What: Family bonding?
Rating: Low

A diamond though crystal clear and beautiful is hard to get to the center of. )

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Who: Little and Roxy
Where: The Garden!
When : Friday afternoon, or roundabout.
What: Lost Oyster is lost. Little tries to sniff his way to her.
Rating: Low!

channel no 5 kind of smells like hell. )

January 17th, 2013

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Who: Delila & Dumin Tweedle and The Unicorn. (Visitors are welcome)
When:Thursday afternoon.
Where: Golden Whimsy.
What: Fittings and shopping
Rating: Low, but with some awkward twinly "affections."

Read more... )

January 16th, 2013

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Who: Storm and Tiger Lily.
When: Wednesday, early afternoon.
Where: The Garden.
What: Random encounter, Storm looms over a dying clover.
Rating: Low, probably some language.

these things die all the time, but... )

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Who: Little and Kit
When: Wednesday Afternoon, roundabouts.
Where: The Forrest.
What: Piggy goes out looking for new products, and finds a certain cat in a tree.
Rating: Low.

Raspberries and Cats. )

January 15th, 2013

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Who: The Dormouse and the Mad Hatter.
When: Tuesday evening.
Where: The Tea House, naturally.
What: The green armchair is missing!
Rating: L for Low and also N for Nonsense.

I think it was chair-napped )

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Who: Darius Black and Ariel Templeton.
When: Tuesday afternoon.
Where: The edge of the Mushroom Forest.
What: A random encounter. Of random.
Rating: Presumably low.

Cookie? )

January 14th, 2013

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Who: Ariel Templeton (The Unicorn) and Humperdinck Dumpington (Humpty Dumpty).
When: Monday afternoon, after Storm is gone.
Where: Ariel's shop.
What: Humpty Dumpty comes in for some finery to help catch the eyes of the ladies.
Rating: Low, I should think?

Golden whimsy )

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Who: Ariel Templeton (The Unicorn) and Storm (the Storm).
When: Monday afternoon, at some point.
Where: Ariel's tailoring shop.
What: Storm comes to sell some of his fabrics.
Rating: Presumably low.

No needs today )

January 13th, 2013

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Who: Lucien and Lucinda Gray
When: Before the celebrations in the evening
Where: Their bedroom
What: Oh, just a married couple and their talk about kids and the like.
Rating/Warnings: Idk. Some screaming and the Duke being adorable?
Status: Complete


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Who: The Dormouse and Pixie Byron.
When: Sunday afternoon.
Where: Outside the Tea House.
What: Learning to hop and eating scones.
Rating: Low.

He put some apple scones on a dainty (but not yellow and not suspicious) saucer )

January 12th, 2013

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Who: The Dormouse & Darius Black!
When: Saturday Afternoon.
Where: The Tea House.
What: A random encounter? And sleepiness. Also, tea.
Rating: Low.
Status: Complete.

Oh yes, the frogs )

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Who: Darian Dymond and Lucinda Gray
When: A year ago today.
Where: Ante Up
What: Drunken mistakes.
Rating/Warnings: TBD

Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. )

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Who: The Queen of Hearts herself, and one unlucky attendant.
When: Saturday morning.
Where: The Hearts Castle
Rating/Warnings: The Queen is a raving lunatic, for the most part. But other than implied threats, nothing, really.

...but isn't that where ducks go? )

Hellos and How Do You Do's?

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Who: Chessica Von Cheshire, Maddison Hatter
When: After the War
Where: Tea House
What: Introductions
Rating/Warnings: Naked Cheshires
Status: Incomplete

Strangers are friends you have yet to meet... )

Release the Ducks!!!

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Who: Hatter, Hare and Chess
When: Friday
Where: Tea House and then outside the Queen's Garden
What: Shenangins with ducks and the Queen's Garden
Rating/Warnings: Nothing really.
Status: Incomplete

Who knows where ideas come from, they just appear one day BAM )

Let the Games Begin

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The entire Wonderland was in celebration or so the Hearts would like to believe. The town of Non'ame brightly decorated in arrangements of red roses, red ribbons braided into long running ropes draping every which way, and small statues of broken chess pieces placed amongst the streets. Larger broken statues were set up to look like they were being over come by the red roses.

The 200th anniversary of the Queen taking the throne (again) had begun, and the festivities were to last a week, maybe two. It hadn't been decided yet.

The rebels are told by the messengers of the Caterpillar to keep their heads down, but that likely won't stop the few that fought in the war nor the more anxious rebels. And, of course, the Tea House will be getting into their normal shenanigans in celebration while the unaligned are left to react.
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