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March 2017


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January 30th, 2017



[No Subject]

Hey guys.

So, obviously, this game has died off a bit. That is a bit the holidays and a bit January being a gross month, but it's mostly our fault. We'll own up to that. But we still love it and we really want it to get going again. So we're going to do a couple things.

First off, obviously, is a roll call. Rather than list your characters and fandoms and journal names, just respond that you have read this post. You'll have until 12:01 am on February 5 to do so. Drop any characters you no longer want to play in the appropriate place.

Secondly, we're going to allow things, locations, and, to an extent, people to show up from characters' homeworlds. For example, important weapons or items, or buildings, or small children could arrive in Jurassic. Jim Kirk could get the Enterprise, though it would not be able to leave the planet. Stark Tower could show up if Tony Stark was here. These kinds of things. For characters with previous game history, if they had something in a previous game, or a place (for examples, Little Rock ended up running Harvelle's in her last game), that could show up as well. If you want something for a character, contact the mods and let us know and we'll okay it if we feel it works.

Lastly, we're going to bring have some plot during February.

February 1 - February 14: All characters with powers suddenly do not have powers. In the case where powers make a character non-human, they will be human for the duration.
February 15 - February 28: Pair ups. These will be assigned and you'll get more details as well as a list of pairings later. Trust us, it'll be mostly harmless.

Lastly, Ashe is taking the month of February off from modding because she has a lot on her plate. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to come to Michelle or Tina.

- The Mods.