Sep. 22nd, 2017


Who: Sarita and Lena
When: Monday, September 25, 2017
Where: Ruthie's Deli and Cafe
What: more hanging out and....stuff

lunch was the most important meal of the day )

Sep. 17th, 2017


Thread: Sarita & Dani

Who: Sarita and Dani
What: bikini shopping
When: Saturday afternoon
Where: in town
Rating: PG13

it was an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini )

Sep. 13th, 2017


Attention Everyone...

Some of you may be aware that my sister and I recently had a birthday. Our father's gift was exorbitantly generous... he bought us an island.

We are aware of the ridiculousness of this purchase. Thank you.

Anyway, Daniella and I would like very much to extend an invitation to all of our friends, to spend the long Exeat this half on our island. We'd be leaving the Friday (October 20th) and we'd be back a couple of days before we had to be back in House on the Sunday night, two weeks later.

Any questions, I'm happy to field them, but we would love as many of you as possible to join us to christen the island in style (by spending time there. Nothing untoward).

Please let us know here at your earliest convenience if you would like to come, or if you would like more information.

-Hugo and Daniella Hatherley (Livingston, 5th)



Due to some unforeseen flooding in Hatherley Hall, it is not possible to prep or serve meals in there. We are told it will take at least forty-eight hours to clean up the mess and resolve the source, which we are told is a burst pipe.

While Hatherley Hall is out of commission there will be an amnesty on ordering fast food/going out to get fast food from nearby outlets. Teachers will take orders for those students too young to obtain their own. Please be advised that the amnesty on not eating outside food does not mean there is an amnesty on eating in your dorm rooms: this is still forbidden.

-Steffanie Blake
Deputy Head

Sep. 9th, 2017


Who: Lena Renaud and Sarita Patterson
What: Exfoliation and inebriation (perhaps?)
When: Friday evening, 9/8
Where: Sarita's cubie, Sutherland House, Islington School
Rating: Medium
Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

There always seemed to be one more thing that Lena was apparently supposed to know about, and didn't. )

Sep. 6th, 2017


Email to: Hugo and Daniella Hatherley

To: Hugo and Daniella Hatherley
From: Carew Hatherley
Subject Line: Happy Birthday

To my children )

Sep. 4th, 2017


Who: Lena and Zoe Renaud
What: Moving in!
When: Sunday, 3rd September, 2017 (Morning)
Where: Sutherland House, Islington Preparatory School, Berkshire, England
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: None really, but there is an entire conversation about explosive diarrhea, so ye be warned…

One look at Zoe and Lena could tell, her capacity for unpacking was almost completely expended. )


Who: Hugo Hatherley and KC Buchanan
What: The Grand Tour, whatever that means ;)
When: Sunday afternoon, between lunch and dinner?
Where: Islington School

She seemed sort of funny, sort of self-deprecating. Not at all dour or dismal like some new people could be. )


Who: Lena Renaud and Luciana Casey
What: Meeting in the Dining Hall
When: Sunday afternoon, between lunch and dinner?
Where: Hatherley Dining Hall, Islington School

She felt very naked and vulnerable without Zoe by her side, and she was aware that was an issue.  )


Welcome to Islington!

Hello and welcome to another year at Islington School!

I spent the morning walking about between the houses and personally greeting as many of you as I could lay eyes on. I even hefted a couple of suitcases up a couple of flights of stairs - there's still life in the old boy yet!

This year I am hoping to make a really good showing in the Arts. In years past we have had wonderful sporting and academic teams that I have been proud to send out to represent our school, and I feel confident that our grand tradition will be carried on by those teams. I want us to put on a production that people will be talking about for years to come! And I could even be persuaded to make a cameo appearance, if the quality of production and performance was particularly high.

In less uplifting news (I'm sorry, but it needs to be said), at the end of the last academic year I received a number of reports that uniform standards were beginning to slip. Myself and the rest of the staff will be cracking down on the dress code, and Custos is standing by. Contrary to popular belief, Islington's uniform is not intended to be some draconian punishment for daring to come away to school. It is intended to instill a sense of pride and presentation into all of our students, to help you all to become people who want to put your best foot forward for school, for country, and for self.

Finally, even more distressing news. Last years Water Wars ended with the unacceptable result of me losing. Moving forward, any student who dares to soak me during the Water Wars will be expelled immediately.


Have a fantastic year! My door is always open, unless it's closed.
-Ed Brooks

Sep. 3rd, 2017


Who: KC Buchanan and Alex Ingram
What: A run-in on move-in day
When: Sunday, September 3, 2017, morning
Where: Islington School
Rating: Low
Warnings: None

And there she was, thinking she wouldn't know anyone at her new school... )

Aug. 21st, 2017


Who: Zoe and Lena Renaud
What: Summer Vacation
When: Backdated; July 2017
Where: Belgium
Rating: Low
Warnings: None.

She'd already named the food Baby Millard )


Who: Hugo and Dani Hatherley (and NPC Mariana)
What: Meeting for the first time! And telling Dani about Islington.
When: Sunday, August 20, 2017
Where: Heathrow Airport, the bank, the school uniform outfitter. The car.
Rating: Low
Warnings: None.

At 10:25am the plane was landing. In a few short minutes she would be meeting her new family. )