Mar. 19th, 2008


112 Icons: IBAR Celebration

Originally posted 6 August 2007:

I was hoping to have more new icons in celebration of International Blog Against Racism Week but I've run out of time. I started with pics snagged from the PicSpam in Sage-Theory's LJ, augmented it with a few pics from Eureka and Babylon 5, sprinkled in a tiny bit of CSI: NY at the request of [info]jalabert, and couldn't resist pulling up some of my older icons to finish it off.

Fandoms represented: Andromeda, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: NY, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Dresden Files, Eureka, Firefly, Heroes, Lost, SG-1, SGA, Torchwood, Witchblade, Sin City, and Will Smith. Yes, Will Smith is a fandom unto himself.


Without further ado, a Celebration of Diversity in Sci Fi )
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76 Icons: Stargate, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica

Originally posted 6 April 2007:

The loss of my Photoshop hard drive slowed me down but since I had backups of my most often used stuff and a detailed list of resources, I was able to get back the stuff I most needed. I'm still missing my screen cap collection like mad. My older collection of SG-1 caps were stored on a separate HD that didn't fail. Thus? Lots of SG-1 icons and icons made from caps provided by various challenges.

Some of the SG-1 icons have been inspired by conversations with my LJ friends. The Daniel icons probably won't be overly popular this time around but after a discussion over at [info]riverfox's LJ about the way that his glasses frame our perception, pardon the pun, of the character, I wanted to celebrate his glasses. Or lack thereof. Also likely to lack an audience are the Daniel/Sam icons but after [info]moonshayde wrote about getting flames for writing incest because she posted a Daniel/Sam story...well, I started seeing it again in some of my caps so I went with it.

50 Stargate - mostly SG-1, a couple of SGA
20 Dr. Who/Torchwood
06 Battlestar Galactica

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Icons, Part 1 )

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69 Icons: SG-1, Dr. Who, Torchwood, John Barrowman

Originally posted 28 Jan 2007:

30 SG-1
20 Dr. Who
14 Torchwood (Spoilers through all of Season 1)
05 John Barrowman

I loved the penultimate episode of Torchwood. *sigh* It's Captain Jack Harkness who keeps me watching even when the show fails to live up to its potential; John Barrowman has magnetism to spare. This wasn't meant as a, "I ♥ John Barrowman," post, but I now realize that's what it has become.

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