Mar. 19th, 2008


86 Icons: SG-1, SG-1 Actors, Babylon 5

Originally posted 14 Oct 2007:

44 Stargate SG-1
10 Teryl Rothery & Michael Shanks as themselves or other roles
07 Eureka
25 Babylon 5


Overall, not my favorite set. I haven't had much icon fu for the past month and I can see it in my lack of textures on a lot of these. However, these Janet Fraiser (SG-1) and Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5) icons have been burning a metaphorical hole in my pocket since right before I hit my slump so I'm posting regardless. EDIT: I didn't mean to imply people should bolster my ego. There are icons within this batch that I like. As a set, though, I'm less pleased than I'd like to be. Too many of these seem like something I could have made 8 months ago; I prefer to feel as if I'm improving.

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