Mar. 19th, 2008


70 Icons: SG-1, Torchwood, Heroes, Dark Angel

Originally posted 1 Jan 2007:

25 Stargate SG-1
10 Heroes
14 Torchwood
15 Dark Angel (Characters & Cast)
06 CSI (Vegas & Miami Flavors)

There's a joke, "The last thing I learned in college was bridge," and I'm thinking that bridge:college :: selective color:Photoshop. It's just so much damned fun to play with, though getting too wild with it degrades image clarity, making the pic go grainy. I'm fully aware of the frequent abuse of this nifty keen feature; hopefully I've limited the radioactive abominations to just a few. Perhaps some day soon my honeymoon with selective color will be over but until then, consider yourself warned.

My well of icon-fu was dry for the longest time. I'd open Photoshop, crop a pic, and mutilate it into the ugliest damned square possible before throwing my hands up in disgust, closing everything, and wandering off to do something less annoying. Like listen to talk radio. *grin*

I have no idea why a bunch of Jessica Alba promo pics got me back in the groove...but they did. *shrug* They were fun to play around with and a couple even placed in the stillness community where I got the pics. Go me. Anyhow, my need to jump start my lagging icon-fu led me to looking far and wide for inspirational caps -- thus the smörgåsbord of fandoms here.

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