Mar. 19th, 2008


69 Icons: Actors (Barrowman, Ackles, Alba, et al.)

Originally posted 9 April 2007:

Mostly actors. A few icons from their television shows are lumped in here but mostly it's a Personality Post. *shrug* This mostly clears out my backlog of unposted stuff. I have some icons I was hoping would be released from challenges by now but I'm not willing to hold these any longer. I want them off my back.

- 15 John Barrowman
- 10 Jensen Ackles
- 15 Jessica Alba
- 10 Dark Angel/Supernatural (Dean)/Etc.
- 19 Other Pretty Male Actors -- This is a complete grab bag of icons made for [info]hunk_stillness and [info]dw_stillness.

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