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April 1st, 2011

Irreparable RPG OOC


April 1st, 2011

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Most of you know that I've been scarce because I'm 2nd billed in a film that's shooting right now. I have good news! I have 24 hours of filming ahead of me before Monday, but after that I'm off the schedule until May 8!!!

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I also have Tuesday off, so I'll be around during the day as much as I can.

So throw plots, threads, etc at me and I'll see what I can get to Monday evening and onward!

OOH! And run the Friend All. We have a new Susan Bones. Woot!

Imma let this RP finish, but first... An introduction

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Why hello there to all of you lovely RPers of Potterverse.

My name's Maggie and I am so incredibly excited to be here. A short blurb about myself: I'm 20, full time student, pharmacy technician, and all around RP whore. I will probably annoy you with my incessant nagging to play with me, so I apologize beforehand. But let's be realistic here, you're not really interested in me but who I am bringing to the table. So without further ado, here is Susan Bones.

She's had quite a rough run of life and has been recently trying to rebuild and put everything back together. After the murder of her Aunt Amelia, the world kind of fell apart around Susan and after the 2nd War she went off into the world to forget about it all. She found a job at an art gallery in London where she works painting and drawing along with many other talented artist to put together shows. She is also involved part time in modeling. She has a small problem lately with partying a bit to much and finding her therapy to life at the bottom of a bottle. But of course, she's not all bad.

In all reality, Susan is one of the nicest people anyone will probably meet. She loves more than anything to see someone smile, especially if they were having a bad day. She wants to get to know everyone and anyone she can, even if there may be a 'bad stigma' surrounding that person. She's not one to conform to rivalries or take part in any backstabbing drama. Really, she would rather just keep her life as laid back and positive as possible. She will be your shoulder to cry on and your therapist when you need one, but she lacks the ability to really talk about herself which is why she tends to lose herself in her artwork so much. She's also very bright and intelligent when she finds a topic stimulating enough for her to actually think about. She's also kind of loud, vulgar on occasion, and a tad sarcastic when the time calls for it, so don't take anything she says to personally. She has a crappy time with boys, partly because she can't seem to sit still with one long enough for anything serious to happen, but she is open for ex boyfriend/fling plots and the like!

So seriously: friends, enemies, ex-loves, crushes, futures loves and all the like. I'm so ready for it! Also I mentioned in her history that she hung out with Hannah Abbot because they were the same age, but that can ALWAYS be edited if its not okay. Just let me know, yes?

Thank you for putting up with my crazy long intro. I tend to talk to much. <3
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