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    Thursday, January 29th, 2009
    11:58 pm
    So... yeah
    You'd think a guy who has to do as much talking and convincing as I do would be a better people person. Deep down, I'm just a cranky, self-reliant loner and I kind of like things that way. But, like I said, I've got to get face-to-face with a lot of faces to do what I do, and that means connecting with the people behind them (even though plenty of those faces aren't exactly what they appear to be, but I'm getting ahead of myself).

    My name is Michael Westen, and I solve people's problems for a living. I solve the problems that are too dicey or too shady for normal, everyday not-dicey and not-shady individuals to take the local police. I have a very special skill set that lets me take care of almost any situation that a nice, well-meaning but unfortunately not that savvy person can get themselves into.

    Yeah, I'm aware this makes me sound like a one-man A-Team, but those are the facts. If you could use a hand and your problem is just that weird or dangerous, you can call me.

    Just please don't call my mother.

    OOC: Hello there, my boy here is Michael Westen from the USA Network series Burn Notice. He was a super-spy extraordinaire before someone in the US Government decided to "burn" him, and now he works as a freelance good guy in Miami. He's friendly enough, if a little secretive. Me, I tend to be a bit nicer.
    11:16 pm
    Gotham City Police Bulletin
    The citizens of Gotham City are advised this evening that the criminal known only as "the Joker" has escaped from Arkham Asylum as of 2:35 this morning. As most Gothamites are aware, the Joker is considered the most dangerous, maniacal and unpredictable example of the new breed of criminals that have invaded our city in the past few years. He has been incarcerated in the Arkham Asylum facility for the criminally insane, sentenced there for multiple counts of murder, manslaughter, arson, destruction of public property, public endangerment, vandalism, indecent exposure, libel and various traffic violations.

    GCPD units are on the lookout for the Joker, who is a Caucasian male appearing to be in his mid-30's, approximately 6'1" tall and weighing approximately one hundred eighty-five pounds. The Joker is most commonly seen wearing red lipstick and blacked-out eyes over white face paint, along with green hair coloring. He favors clothing in shades of purple and green, but has also been known to wear other disguises. The Joker is most easily identified by the ragged scars on each side of his face.

    The GCPD warns citizens that under no circumstances are they to attempt to make contact with the Joker or draw any attention to themselves if he is spotted. If you see the Joker, please leave the area and dial 911 immediately. Officers encountering the Joker should not attempt to engage the fugitive without sufficient back-up.

    Consider the Joker at all times to be heavily armed and extremely dangerous. The GCPD cannot stress enough how unbalanced and deadly this individual has proven to be, and implores the citizenry to stay as far from the Joker as possible, but not to panic. The GCPD assures Gotham City that it will have the fugitive in custody soon, and offers no further comment.

    -Bulletin presented to all Gotham City news outlets at 7:18 AM by the office of Police Commissioner James Gordon.

    OOC: Howdy y'all! This is, of course, the Joker of Batman universe fame. Canon-wise, we'll say that he's about 75% the "Nolan-verse" version of the new movies (post The Dark Knight), 15% the animated series version and 10% the comic canon version. And, as it should be clear, he's utterly off his rocker, and a homicidal madman to boot. I, however, am much nicer.
    4:53 pm
    You! I'm talking to you, that's right. You better be nice to me, or I'll kill you. And that's no joke!

    Well. Unless my sweetie thinks it's funny, in which case, I'll just laugh too because it'd be funny. You know, blood everywhere, murder, mayhem, madness, money, me, mangoes...

    I ran out of "m" words.

    I'm a nice person, though, honest! I used to be a doctor and everything but they took my license away once I started dating Joker. Geez. Unfair, don't you think? Anyway, the name's Harley. Harley Quinn. So you better be nice to me!

    OOC: Harley is insane, literally. But she's not lying when she says she's a nice person! She's very talkative and, although originally from the "Batman Animated Series", this version is more of a "Nolanverse", where she meets Joker after the events of The Dark Knight.
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