October 11th, 2023



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Governor Denning of Hawaii is simply baffled by the influx of people from all over time and space. Even more baffling is the fact that no one can seem to leave the Hawaiian islands at all. It doesn't seem to make any sense but when someone swims out far enough, it's like there is a barrier around all of the islands. Paradise has suddenly become a prison. How will everyone get by? Even stranger still, planes can fly in and drop off supplies and such. And no one knows what happens to them after that.

New faces are popping up all over, and as beautiful as Hawaii is, sometimes the locals aren't so friendly. Many of them consider the land to be sacred and want newcomers to stay away. And what is with these new people anyway? Some of them just aren't normal...

The governor enlisted the 5-0 taskforce to be responsible for the newcomers, getting them settled in and helping them become productive members of the community. Some will be more helpful than others. Governor Denning purchased an apartment building in the Waikiki neighborhood on O'ahu so everyone has a place to stay, while the matter is sorted.

Investigations into what caused this phenomena are ongoing. But it looks like we've got to try to be one big Ohana.

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. We hope you enjoy your stay, because it doesn't look like you will be leaving anytime soon

Wanted Characters

Wanted Characters!

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[info]ohanamods is a pan-fandom RPG set in the universe of Hawaii Five-0. Prior knowledge of the show is not required to play here.