May 15th, 2023



Marvel Odyssey: a discord rp


In the beginning, there was nothing but The First Cosmos. A single universe whose own loneliness was strong enough to break it apart and scatter its pieces across the plane of reality. This created the first multiverse. Through eons, there have been reiterations of the multiverses.

Destruction and renewal.

With each, a new cosmos was formed. The infinity stones are remnants of the First Cosmos and hold immense power. Enough to destroy humanity, destroy realities, and even destroy time. But they also hold the power to create.

They've fallen into the wrong hands countless times.

Have they once more?

Something or someone has caused the space-time continuum to break. The unexpected break has created a massive multi-versal shockwave that has managed to echo through time, space, and reality.

As this chaos begins to fully unwind, tears in reality are being created because of it. People across the multiverse are being transported from their home universes to Earth 616.

The 7th Cosmos.

Not only are realities affected, but time is too. This means people are being pulled from different timelines and different years.

No one knows what has caused this. No one knows how to proceed. All there's left is to adapt and survive.

Marvel Odyssey is a 21+ Discord RP taking place in the Marvel 616 universe. The game incorporates Marvel 616 characters and Marvel characters from alternate universes being dropped in the 616 universe, against their will, and for unknown reasons.

Join us at: or leave a comment here for a community invitation.