November 1st, 2021



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Multiverse of Madness
An Panfandom Game
In 2018, Thanos was supposed to come to Earth with the Infinity Stones. He was supposed to fulfill his ‘grand purpose’. But he never showed up. In fact, his entire fleet was decimated and the Infinity Stones themselves seem to be disappearing from the universe.

So, what happened?

Two months before the Battle of Wakanda, mysterious portals had begun appearing with strangers (Newcomers) from other timelines and universes coming through. After discovering this, Tony Stark was able to re-route the phenomena to only appear at the Avenger’s Facility, where he and the rest of the Avengers of this world could help the Newcomers adjust and protect them. It was only a matter of time before things started going to hell.

Eventually, the Avengers learned about Thanos and the Infinity Stones, but they discovered what happened to his fleet and that the stones were disappearing. There was no Blip (Snap), but strange things are now happening across the universe and on Earth. With every stone that disappears, things only get worse.

Newcomers who come through can’t willingly go back. Some disappear mysteriously, others are trapped in this world. Portals open to other places, people can visit other worlds, but sometimes at a cost (loss of power, or complete physical transformation). And then, there are the times the portals act up and start spitting things out.

That’s okay, though! Tony has it handled not really. And while the team still hasn’t quite figured out what’s going on, they’re determined to make it right. Several others have joined forces to help the Newcomers, including T’Challa who has officially granted them refugee status on this Earth by establishing a Wakandan Consulate in upstate New York (just don’t ask how they pulled that off). Meanwhile, Thor and Loki have settled New Asgard on the nearby coast and welcomed less adventurous Newcomers to join them there as well.

Everyone wants to get home. It’s only a matter of time before they figure this out. What else could possibly go wrong?

Most Wanted: Bruce Banner (MCU), Clint Barton (MCU), Scott Lang (MCU), Stephen Strange (MCU), T'Challa (MCU)