February 10th, 2020



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And Now They Come Into The World Anew
In the days of old, the world was at peace and all was well—until it wasn't.

Zeus, to the understanding of none, started a fight with the Primordials — known to be stronger and more powerful than even the King of the Gods. For reasons unknown, he ordered all of his people into battle with the ancient ones and the ones who didn't go willingly, he forced.

In an explosion and a flash of light that could be seen for days, Zeus was destroyed. However, in the backlash, all of the other gods also disappeared and were sent into a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. This was not something any of them had expected.

Erebus and Nyx did their best to keep everything running, but they were not ones that were happy ruling and overseeing things. They and the rest of their family did what they could, but the arrival of other created gods caused belief in the old ones to start to fade as they got weaker, one by one they also were sent into a cycle of death and reincarnation.

It's now present day and the gods have begun waking up in Olympia, Washington...
Brand new game opening on February 16th looking for players.

Any creature or human from Greek mythology is welcome.

Low stress environment with unlimited potential storylines.