December 4th, 2016



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Islington Prep is one of the best schools in the Eastern United States, and one of the things that Islington prizes above all else is pride: pride in oneself, pride in one's house, and pride in the school. So the fact that the school is slowly but surely heading towards bankruptcy, while not exactly common knowledge, is cause for alarm for those in the know.

So just what would you do to save your school as you know it? Will you throw yourself into school life harder than ever, hoping that Islington's board will see what a mistake closing the school would be?


‘Islington Prep’ is a completely non-supernatural original game set in a prestigious boarding school in Maryland.

We're looking for writers who are dedicated to character development and quality writing. Characters from all grades can be played, but players must be 18+ please. We'd like to see a good mix of both moneyed students and scholarship students. Bring on the inevitable conflict between the so-called Haves and Have-Nots!

So, if this type of game appeals to you then please read the relevant information and join us!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

GAME OPENS AT 4 PLAYERS! Join today! >>>>>



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Hell Adjacent

When one door closes, another opens...

Blinking back into reality from what feels like a fog, you find yourself in the entrance lobby of what appears to be a once lavish hotel. Though its former grandeur is quite apparent, the surroundings are faded, and seem dated. The air is stale, and quiet. In one hand you notice a PDA that you don't believe belongs to you. It's curious how it ended up in your hand because you don't remember picking it up or even coming into the building. When you look at it, it takes your picture.

In your other hand is a heavy, ornate calligraphy pen, it's tip black with fresh ink. On the registry desk is an open ledger, and on that ledger is a list of names- the last one, yours, written in your own handwriting. As you watch, beside your name a room number appears on the page. Looming on a high pillar beside the desk is a large, ornate clock with the words "Hotel Kairos" emblazoned just beneath it.

The electronic device in your hand makes a pleasant noise; you've received a private message:

Dear esteemed Guest, welcome to the Hotel Kairos. Please be advised the hotel undertakes regular excursions of one week duration, followed by a rest week for guests recuperation and relaxation. The next excursion will be beginning shortly, you are free to explore your new surroundings within the allotted time frame but the hotel takes no responsibility should you fail to return to the premises by the designated time. Meal service is not provided but please feel free to use the kitchen. You are are liberty to bring back sundries or desireables from your adventures. We suggest you keep your assigned PDA so as to electronically communicate with other guests; it will also act as your room key, and provide electronic access to other public areas of the hotel. Thank you and have a pleasant stay.

We're back! Returned from a long hiatus, Hell Adjacent is a multifandom/OC-friendly RPG centered around a dimension-hopping Hotel. We explore every genre from history to horror, sci-fi to holiday, and every fandom in between. New game-wide plots every two to four weeks. We are a friendly, scene-driven community with plots that cater to everyone's favorites. Mature-content should be expected.

Game open and accepting applications

code by wearestardust @ supersuits