November 27th, 2016



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Islington Prep is one of the best schools in the Eastern United States, and one of the things that Islington prizes above all else is pride: pride in oneself, pride in one's house, and pride in the school. So the fact that the school is slowly but surely heading towards bankruptcy, while not exactly common knowledge, is cause for alarm for those in the know.

So just what would you do to save your school as you know it? Will you throw yourself into school life harder than ever, hoping that Islington's board will see what a mistake closing the school would be?


‘Islington Prep’ is a completely non-supernatural original game set in a prestigious boarding school in Maryland.

We're looking for writers who are dedicated to character development and quality writing. Characters from all grades can be played, but players must be 18+ please. We'd like to see a good mix of both moneyed students and scholarship students. Bring on the inevitable conflict between the so-called Haves and Have-Nots!

So, if this type of game appeals to you then please read the relevant information and join us!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

GAME OPENS AT 4 PLAYERS! Join today! >>>>>