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    Saturday, January 15th, 2005
    9:04 am
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this asylum and it looks to me like you're having a little trouble getting it to be more active.

    I have some advice... Make an easier to view layout. If you need help I can do that.

    Umm I guess I should tell you all why I have joined this community.

    My name is Samm and I am in love with my boyfriend Dan.
    I gave him the chicken pox in 4th grade, and sparks fly between us.

    Nothing will stop me from spending forever with him.

    If you need my help for anything on making this asylum better, then just comment and I'd be glad to help out.



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    Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
    10:28 am
    Take the poll!
    Hi, I can already see that no one is joining this community and what not, but if you want to make it a good community, you guys have to post and join! Please take this poll to tell [info]megan690 what you want out of this community. She's the mod.

    We need members!

    If you feel loved, are loved, or love someone - share it HERE. This is similar to [info]iluvmyboyfriend. C'mon, people. I know there is love out there. LOL.

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    Other (post it in a comment to this entry).
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    Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
    9:40 am
    The Asylum Info
    I know how a lot of people don't normally read the info/profile too often, so I posted it here and that's about it. This is [info]megan690's info that she wrote with a lil bit of editting from myself. Please tell your friends to join. Member ARE needed for a community.

    ("I" refers to [info]megan690.)

    Hey everyone. [info]im_loved is an asylum anyone can join. It is for users who want to share the love, feel the love, and talk about the love. If you feel loved, are loved, and love someone, tell us about it.

    I do plan on holding contests once a month when we get more members. I am currently going to be having interviews on canadicy for Vice, Secretary, and running girl/boy, so I hope all goes well. If your interested, send me a private message on here and I'll get back to you.

    I was also thinking that maybe we should have a logo contest for the 1st month starting sometime in June.

    Thank you, everyone, for coming to this asylum and giving it a try. Please invite your friends to come join too.

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    Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
    8:10 am
    Well, since no one is really posting right now, I thought I'd post some kewl links for ya'all to check out about "love". I'm bored and going nuts - I already updated 5-7 other communities. LOL. ;-)

    Loving You -- this site is for singles, couples, engaged, married, and divorced people. There is a bunch of advice, gifts, poetry, and stories you can look at and even share your own! (Mine is on there...hehe.) It is a nice little site that my friend, Korena, showed me a few years ago. Need advice? Sign up for their e-zines! ;-)

    I love you -- say, "I love you" in various languages. There are a LOT on there! ;-)

    Are you a loving-natured person? -- take a quiz to see if you have "a loving nature" about you. Just "yes" and "no" questions. ;-)

    Bangme.Net -- Single? This is a good site to meet people. People who are also just looking for friends (like me) are on there too. Not only can you rate them, but you can actually talk to them unlike a lot of rating sites. Leave comments, chat, look at profiles, etc. Someone I know met her now-fiance there, and they are getting married next year. Maybe it can work for you too.

    Relationship coaching -- I just came across this randomly, so I figure that if there are struggles, or you just want to learn to be good and stuff, try this. I did not look into this site that much, so I hope it actually has stuff on there to help. LOL.

    (this was also posted in [info]iluvmyboyfriend.)

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    Friday, May 21st, 2004
    2:50 pm
    Hey everyone my name is Megan of course..and this is my asylum called im_loved
    This is a creat asylum to join because it lets you get out your emotions and lets everyone know about you & your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife.. whomever.

    Like most of you probably.. I have a wonderful fiance named RYAN he is a really great guy and I love him with all of my heart.
    I met him on August 1, 2003 one day and on April 1, 2004 we made it officially known to the family and some close friends that we were engaged.
    We met off a site called which is a really nice site and it actually allows you to talk to people. but there are a few restrictions.

    Anyways take care.. invite your friends into this asylum and once we start booming there will be more to it.
    11:57 am
    Yay - another community for me to stay active in.
    Yes, another community about love. There is another one that is kewl too called [info]iluvmyboyfriend.

    Anyway, this makes the 19th community I'm now in and I just want to say I feel loved. (oh that reminds me - gotta add it to my list on my journal).

    My name is Bri and I'm engaged and happy - just like most girls who have a guy, I couldn't be happier and more pleased. I'm pretty lucky. Took me awhile to find this one. ;-) His name is Adam, and I knew him for 5 years, dating him for almost 3 years on Sept. 29 and will be engaged for a year on Oct. 25th. ;-)

    Well, I hope more people join and share their love lives and stuff. I don't want to the be only one. LOL.

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    Thursday, May 20th, 2004
    1:23 pm
    Hey everyone whats up? Im Megan. you can call me Meg, Megan, Red, whatever.. but if you have any questions or comments just please let me know.

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