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[26 Jul 2004|07:25pm]
It. Has been. A freaking long time since I updated in this community.

If I had uploaded pictures I would show you pictures of my boyfriend, but I don't. So, I'll talk about things we've done lately:

1) He's started calling me more - A LOT during his lunch hour at work.

2) Seeing movies more... Or watching them at home (9.50 for a ticket when it's not matinee?!?!?!)

3) Going out to eat.

4) We (unfortunately) were forced to prom by, surprisingly, only HIS mom. My mom didn't seem to mind so much. Prom, of course, sucked, as does any formal dance does to a person that hates formal clothes and dancing as much as we do.

Oh. And almost two months ago when our family was moving out of a house to an apartment, he was the sweetest guy and got up at SIX in the MORNING (he normally can't get himself up til around 10 when he doesn't have work or school) and helped us finish packing and cleaning up the house, and then, helped me with unpacking and moving things in the apartment!!!

So awesome.

Anyway. So yesterday we saw a movie, and we were supposed to do something today... But, I think he got too side-tracked doing whatever else (he was in a junkyard looking for car parts), or Blake asked him to go and do something and he did that instead (which I don't mind because he hasn't seen him much lately). I guess partly I was also relieved I finally heard about orientation at my new job, yay.
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