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Hey! [22 May 2004|07:54am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well, since no one is really posting right now, I thought I'd post some kewl links for ya'all to check out about "love".

Loving You -- this site is for singles, couples, engaged, married, and divorced people. There is a bunch of advice, gifts, poetry, and stories you can look at and even share your own! (Mine is on there...hehe.) It is a nice little site that my friend, Korena, showed me a few years ago. Need advice? Sign up for their e-zines! ;-)

I love you -- say, "I love you" in various languages. There are a LOT on there! ;-)

Are you a loving-natured person? -- take a quiz to see if you have "a loving nature" about you. Just "yes" and "no" questions. ;-)

Bangme.Net -- Single? This is a good site to meet people. People who are also just looking for friends (like me) are on there too. Not only can you rate them, but you can actually talk to them unlike a lot of rating sites. Leave comments, chat, look at profiles, etc. Someone I know met her now-fiance there, and they are getting married next year. Maybe it can work for you too.

Relationship coaching -- I just came across this randomly, so I figure that if there are struggles, or you just want to learn to be good and stuff, try this. I did not look into this site that much, so I hope it actually has stuff on there to help. LOL.

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