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In desperate need a layout for a fanfic asylum [20 Oct 2010|10:42am]

Hello. I am looking for someone to create a custom layout for the new fanfiction asylum [info]criminal_minds. I am not computer literate and have no idea how to make one. I basically just stuck a picture in, but I'm not happy with the way it is. I do like the picture I used and would like it incorporated into the new design. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not difficult to please, so any Criminal Minds layout would be wonderful.

Thanks for your time!
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[08 Apr 2009|01:34pm]

Tired of the ugly icons and graphics on InsaneJournal? I've made a script that overrides them all and makes InsaneJournal a whole lot prettier. Interested? Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Install the Stylish extension (if you don't already have it) and restart your browser once it is completed.
  2. Go to the script's userstyle page here.
  3. Click the button that reads 'Load into Stylish' under 'Install options'.
  4. When a box pops up, click 'Save'.
  5. Enjoy!
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[04 Oct 2008|08:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm attempting to dress up one of my RP character's journal a bit better. I have an image already that I want to use, but is there a way to put a fixed background image on a "generator" layout? My character journal is [info]aurora_rose and as I said, I already have the image I want to use ready to go, I just need a code and to know where to put the code, if possible, to place a fixed background image.


Just wanted to add that I want the purple background color changed into the image I have. Not the table backgrounds themselves, I want those to remain white with their border.

ETA Again -

I found the code, but thank you anyways!

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Customising Bloggish [10 Mar 2008|06:47pm]

I would like to know if it is possible in any way to customise the Bloggish templates. More specifically I would like to know if its possible to add a custom banner image, and a custom background, to the template on a free account. I've looked at the FAQ and the HOW TO pages linked in the rules but I can't find anything. I'm guessing that it's something to do with the custom CSS box but I wouldn't have a clue where to start.

Can anyone help me with this?
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[12 Nov 2007|08:45pm]

Hi there!
I'm new in the comm, and also new to IJ. I've been trying to customise my journal, and I found a premade LJ layout that I wanted to use, but I'm having trouble converting it for insanejournal. I've changed all the links to the IJ ones, not just by replacing the username, and I've saved all the pictures and backgrounds into my photobucket, and used the urls from there. This is how it's supposed to look

only I've changed the header to¤t=Header2.jpg this

However, after putting in the customisations, and changing the style to generator, my journal looks like

Any suggestions? I'm more than happy to give you the account details if you'd like to take a look for yourself. I'd appreciate any help I can get ^_^
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Background coding question [09 Aug 2007|12:34pm]


Hi, I have a question about background images. I'm (attempting to use) a premade style that was made for livejournal (original code and working sample found here). I modified it so that it would work properly in livejournal, except for the text on the friends page (apparently these layouts don't like sponsored accounts). So I decided to use it for insanejournal instead. Right now, it looks perfect except that none of the background images or the sidebar links are showing up. The only answer I could find in the resources involved remote image hosting - and I'm pretty sure that, where the images are hosted, do allow remote hosting (the images showed up perfectly fine on livejournal). Have I missed something? Am I looking at the wrong thing?

Any help would be appreciated. This is the first time I've tried using a custom layout with CSS overrides, so I'm fairly unfamiliar with the technical coding. However, if I know what I'm looking for, I'm pretty good at search and edit changes. And I don't mind if the actual links are messed up for now since this coding was for livejournal - that should be easy enough for me to fix.

This is my modified code for the journal ("<" and ">" are replaced with "*") :

Edit: [Code removed]

Thanks in advance for any help!

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[01 Aug 2004|01:22pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Could someone possibly make me a layout?

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Please help me!!!! [25 May 2004|06:37am]

[ mood | I just want to learn! ]
[ music | Silence ]

hello, I am rather.. okay very new at this stuff and I would like to have my journal look like: [info]legend_of_zelda except with different colors and a different background, of course. I have tried to do it myself, nut I was not successful in the least, I can't see any of my text of what not, not even on my friend's page. I do need help, and also tell me where to paste the source code and such.

I have tried, but failed.. but hey I tried. Please if someone could teach me on how to do this, I would be ever so thankful. If you can just set up a source code, that tells me how to put in the text of my journal and also friend's you can leave the background to whichever you want and colors, I know how to change that. When I see an example I can learn.

Thank you for your time.


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[26 Mar 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | confused ]
[ music | D12 - My Band ]

I've had my IJ for about a day now, and still haven't been able to modify my journal to the way I'd like it to look.

I have both a LJ and DJ.  I've pretty much used the same overrides on all my journals, however this is the only site that posts the codes incorrectly.  I've even tried replacing all the < tags with &lt;.

If someone can hep me out, it'll be greatly appreciated.  I have all my codes, and e-mailing them wouldn't be a problem.

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How to post your overrides [05 Aug 2003|09:38am]

In order to post your overrides correctly in an entry without having the code being incorrectly displayed due to the HTML/CSS.

You will have to replace all < tags with &lt; but leave the > tags alone, and then the overrides/codes will post correctly.

How do I get started?

Notice [05 Aug 2003|09:37am]

If you have a question on how to customise or fix your journal layout, please first read the rules (available here), this page also contains many useful information on how to customise your journal. If the resources listed there do not help, then you can post an entry to this community. If you post your problem in the comments, not as many community members will see it and your problem may remain unanswered. Take special notice to describe your problem as clear as possible so that we may attempt to solve it for you.

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