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I think you should be given the option to keep a comment screened instead of having to rescreen it after you've commented to it.

The Bri-Bri [userpic]

There is a really cool add-on for Firefox that lets you post to several services called "Add This". LiveJournal was a choice, but InsaneJournal was not found.
Could someone submit IJ to it? I think it'd be a great thing for us. It needs a certain type of file and has to be added to the OExchange. I'm not sure how to do this, so I was hoping you IJ programming people or even [info]squeaky himself could do it?

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The Bri-Bri [userpic]
Question/Questions of the Day?

I have to admit that I like LJ's feature of this--it helps those who can't think of anything to write about to express themselves and use their journals!

Just like how we had the "submit your tweak sayings" and all that, maybe have people submit questions for people to answer and have it rotate through 2-3 a day (give you a choice to pick which one you want to write about)? I'd be more than happy to help with the process if need be (or anything that needs an extra hand here on IJ).

-- really want the notifications/message center to work correctly
-- update the private msging system
-- show preview of userpic before posting comments without "preview" button
-- maybe showcase an asylum of the week or something to get more active people involved?

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Heather Kristina Jamie Lee Curtis [userpic]

I would absolutely adore some way to delete memories once I cannot access the entry. As it stands now, we can do so when the entry itself is completely deleted, but not when it is privatised or locked for friends and the account that has the entry added as a memory is not a friend. It sticks me with dozens of added memories that I can't access but I can't get rid of, either.

redoing the private messaging system would be a great improvement to insanejournal. maybe something like the inbox system, it's so much neater and you can delete things in mass quantities with a selection tool, and you get notifications in your inbox when you receive a message. deleting each message by hand and dealing with the "success" page is kind of a hassle. also, not having a sent or outbox is kind of inconvenient. i think people use the private messaging system quite often on insanejournal, and i think improvements to it would be greatly appreciated by all of the users.

delete spam comment after the fact

I received some spam comments recently, and while I was pleased to see that the spambot account has been deleted, now that it's gone, I can't delete the comments. The comment content is gone, but there's still a notation that username spambot left one. It's not a big thing, but it's annoying - one of the posts was a happy birthday post for someone special, and seeing an empty comment from a crossed-off username doesn't set well.

Will these go away on their own, or can IJ fix things so they can be deleted by the journal owner after the spambot is gone?

An easier way to upload/delete icons. Uploading/Deleting them by hand gets annoying after a while.

Entry subject in html head

Would it be possible to have the entry subject (if entered) in the <head> for the entry's page?


Heather Kristina Jamie Lee Curtis [userpic]

Would there be any way for us to have testimonials? Like back in the old GJ days.

Post Templates?

Or, at least, having a basic post shell one can create and choose at leisure so they don't have to write the same sort of thing out each time.

I'm using my journal for my novel this year, so I had a format I was planning on using all the time, but having to type it out is a bit of a hassle, yanno?

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