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Wave the Swallow [userpic]
Redirect to Journal on Logout or Login

The current behaviour when a user logs out of IJ is that they click the Log Out button, then they are redirected to a logout page that provides them with options for logging in or other things to do. Additionally, when logging in with an account, the user is redirected to a log in page with next steps. It's a slight inconvenience when attempting to switch accounts on, for example, a mobile device, while viewing a journal entry. In those cases, you have to log out, go to the logout page, log in with the new account, go to the logged in page, hit the back button three times, and then refresh the page to get back to where you were. It would be more convenient in this scenario for a user to click Log Out, then to be brought back to the same page they were on with their session expired, similar to how Dreamwidth handles log out events. Then when they log in with their new account on the same page, they are brought back right away to the same page without having to deal with the browser back button or refreshing the page manually.