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Princess Nala Peach! [userpic]

I get really really REALLY tired of having to think of a new journal name or add silly little _ in at the beginning/middle/end of mine because I go to create one and it's been 'deleted/purged'. I understand those used to be journals, but if they were deleted and purged then chances are they haven't been used in eons or something, and really I don't think I should have to pay to rename a journal just so I can use a name someone lost or didn't want anymore. It's a tad frustrating, and more than a little unfair.

Is there any way this can be done away with?


Given that rename tokens are one of the few sources of revenue IJ has, I doubt this will ever happen.

I'm not saying that rename tokens should be done away with entirely. If you don't like a journal anymore you could use one to rename it or whatever. But when the journal has been deleted? That's just ridiculous that you have to pay to use it again. Two entirely different situations.

I am missing a good portion of my icons
on Insane Journal. I paid $ just to have
this amount of icons on my Insane Journal.
I left two messages to support Ij regarding
this. The Ij server appears to be broken,
or, it seems to be having difficulty loading
a large amount of icons on the profile page.
It is disappointing to me, and I hope this
is fixed so I can obtain my icons again.
To reload them, and re-do them will be time
consuming and a pain.