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April 2019
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I was thinking about some ideas that may improve IJ a little, here they are:

  • A top 5, like Scribbld's one, this mean display on the main page for a month the top 5 journals/RP's/General asylums selected by the users in an asylum like this. There users can suggest a journal/RP/General asylum and the one that get more votes or something will be displayed in the main page for a month.
    I think this would be good to involve users on IJ and to promote those asylums etc.

  • Change the site icons: IJ site icons makes the whole site look dated, months ago I found Simple Icons/Images Skin and just by changing those icons the site looks more appealing, I don't know how complicate this might be to implement but aesthetically I think it would improve IJ a lot.
    For more examples of how this icons look

    My own profile, I changed some icons form the script.

    Other journal profile icons.

    S1 entries and comments icons.

    S2 entries and comment icons, modified by me.

    The icons used are Fugue icons and Silk icons, both to be used require a link back somewhere on the site.

  • Opal (Libra OSWD) layout: The Opal (Libra OSWD) layout available on IJ don't let us to modify the CSS, including free and paid accounts, since we have this layout here I think the code might be fixed or updated.

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