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How can IJ improve?

Here's a good question for you so we know what us users are looking for:

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?
• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites?
• What do you like most about IJ? how about the least?

Please explain your answers.

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Fix the comment notifs, and random comment deleting.

Introduce the testimonial feature that GJ had.

Fix the icon error where they randomly disappear, or reset comments' icons to default.

I like the 100 free icons of IJ, and how it's not censored, plus how it's not running for advertisers and then users unlike LJ.

It'd be nice if IJ definitely introduced some of the layout themes from LJ, like Flexible Squares and Smooth Sailing (I think that was the one.) Also, IJ should really do something about investing in a site layout overhaul. Nothing fancy like Photobucket or LJ's stupid constant header contest, but just give it a revamp with simple graphics and neutral tiny icons (like the ones offered at The site as it is looks like it's still stuck in the early 90s.

Let me just begin by saying I think IJ is a great place, and none of my comments are meant to sound like "IJ-bashing". (Hey, why else would I have a perm acct, if I didn't really enjoy being here?)

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?
I know a lot of this has been resolved, but continue to make improvements to keep the site running fast (even at peak times), and at avoid the down time episodes that happened periodically this year.

Also, new features are needed. I can't remember the last new feature that was introduced. (I'm not counting the whole Google +1 thing -- that's not so much a feature, as annoyance to be avoided.) To be honest, I've been here since late 2007, and off the top of my head, I can't remember any new features / options coming out. I don't mean huge features, necessarily. But simple things like new layout options (i.e., introducing new layouts you can pick from), or a photo hosting option (similar to LJ's scrapbook option or something similar).

• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites?
I'm pretty vehemently anti-LJ, so I won't speak to how IJ compares to LJ, other than to say it's much better.

Compared to Dreamwidth, IJ does come up lacking. DW has a better user interface, a lot more layouts to pick from, and a lot more features. Even simple things like DW's easy cross-posting feature (which is awesome), or the ability to expand and collapse cut tags right there on your reading page (Friend's List) without being redirected to another page. Plus, DW is completely ad-free. And, DW official communications provide evidence they're constantly working on improving the site (clearing bugs, developing new features, etc. etc.).

DW feels like it's constantly growing and improving. IJ feels like it's just in "sustaining mode" -- doing it's best to fix what absolutely has to be fixed, and just holding on. I know that's not the owner's intent, but that's how if often feels.

• What do you like most about IJ? how about the least?
What I like best is the great folks I've met here.

What I like least -- IJ is often swallowed by and mired in fandom. And hey, that's awesome if you're here for fandom (not trying to bash that in any way -- it's just not where my interest is). But if you're not here for fandom or role-playing, it can be a lonely place. I've found more non-fandom comms & friends over on DW than I ever did here.

Also (and this may or may not be related to the fandom issue), but I find more 25+ year old folks over on DW. IJ can definitely feel like a teenage/college age fandom hang out sometimes. And again, that may also have some impact on how many folks are able to support the site with paid accounts; it's a simple fact teenagers and college students don't have much in the way disposable income, so even if they love IJ to bits, they just don't have the money to support the site. It's often the older folks who have the money to help support sites they use.

I don't know about photo hosting. Squeaky already has a big problem with keeping things up, and extra photos/albums would just drag down the servers. If you're desperate for it, there's tinypic, imageshack, photobucket, etc. I'd just hate for it to go the way of GJ.

Yeah, idk about photo hosting. Even LJ's scrapbook is a huge pain in the butt for me, and we all saw how it rotted GJ's bandwith. I'd say 'stick to your strengths' and don't try to cover too many bases -- there are plenty of other sites that specialise in photo hosting.

More layouts to choose from for free users, especially an option for Flexible Squares/Smooth Sailing/etc.

More responsiveness/less down time. TBH, IJ seems to be slower for me than any other site and that can be pretty frustrating.

A MOBILE SITE. This is a big one for me, personally, because I have a limited amount of data on my phone. I love being able to browse LJ on the mobile version of the site without having to deal with loading images, etc. The mobile version loads so much faster, too. I would love to see a mobile version of IJ.

Compared with others, I don't think I can say IJ is better or worse. They all have their advantages and flaws. I love that IJ gives me so many icons on a free account. Scribbld gives me more flexibility with layouts, though, and seems to be more responsive. If I could do advantaged S2 customizations on my free accounts and have some more reliable responsiveness in the site, I think IJ would be just about perfect.

I will also say the support team here and especially Squeaky is amazing. Despite the fact that I do have a wish list of things I would like to see, I think y'all do an amazing job and I'm grateful for all the work you put into this site.

To improve IJ, I honestly wish there was a mobile site. I don't mind using my phone's browser to go on right now, but it's a pain having to zoom in and zoom out all of the time to read text and to comment. I am on the go so much that it would be really nice to have a mobile app for IJ so that I can read my friend's entries when I'm on the go!

I think that IJ compares well to other blogging sites, besides the time spent down. I understand the site takes a lot of maintenance so I'm not complaining by any means - just being honest.

I like everything about IJ, to be honest. I used to be on until it shut down and then I moved to IJ so I like IJ a lot.

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?

I polled several of my friends, and first and foremost, we would all like to be able to edit comments. One of the most frustrating things about IJ as an RPer is that if someone posts a comment with an error, we have to delete and repost it, which affects the entire comment thread. It's quite frustrating to have to keep reposting.

I would like it if we were able to unfold comment threads without using a firefox ad on, which doesn't really work. And if you could browse icons when you're making a new post, if there was a mobile site (especially one in which browsing for icons was supported). I'd also like to be able to search for certain tags on other peoples' entries, or search other peoples' journals for certain tags.

It would also be great if you could allow multiple users to edit an entry - assuming those users have been added to some sort of approved list.

I also think the default font for the website shouldn't be times new roman, but something like helvetica that's a bit less... grating to look at.

• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites? It's not as nice as Dreamwidth or LJ in terms of the pretty coding and the layouts and all, but Dreamwidth has its own set of problems, and LJ is a pain in the ass run by the KGB. So in that regard, you're probably safe as an RP hub.

• What do you like most about IJ? how about the least?
Most? That it's very supportive of the RPG community in a way that other journal sites are definitely not. Least? Probably that I still have to maintain an LJ account because there's so much journal stuff that's still only on LJ. And that IJ goes down a lot more often than the other journal sites. But I love that it doesn't have adds.

I'd also like to be able to search for certain tags on other peoples' entries, or search other peoples' journals for certain tags.
Out of curiosity, what d'you mean with this one? What about just going to the tag list and doing a Ctrl+F?

I just wish IJ let any user edit S2 layers, like DW who let free user have up to 5 S2 layers, that way other users can install popular layouts like smooth sailing etc...

i don't have any issues with insanejournal other than the private messaging page. it's not user friendly in the slightest. there should be an option to view messages you've sent in an outbox and a way to delete more than one pm at a time. a lot of people use the pm system but it's such a pain to go through and delete them all that our inboxes get so full and i'm sure that's wasted space somewhere on the servers. something like the inbox system would be ideal or at least maybe something similar, it's so much neater and you can delete things in mass quantities with a selection tool, and you get notifications in your email inbox when you receive a message in case it's not a username you log into every day.

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?

I would dearly like to have an importer like DW. I started my journal here as a back-up for my LJ but there was no easy way to import my old entries. I'd like to have my journal here be a duplicate of my journals at LJ and DW for the convenience of my friends that for one reason or another prefer not to use those services. I use a client to post to all my journals at once so I don't need the crossposter aspect, but I'm sure there are people that would use it.

• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites?

I think IJ is starting to show some signs of age in comparison. DW in particular has come up with several new features (like the importer, multi-site user linking, and the expandable cut tags to name a few) that I miss when I'm here.

• What do you like most about IJ? how about the least?

The most - My permanent account and icon slots.

The least - How inactive it is here if you aren't into RP. A large part of that is unavoidable, LJ is just bigger, but DW has drawn most of my flist away. They still have entries here, thanks to DW's crossposter, but it's clear their journals here have become backups to their DW journals. Many of them left here due to spam comments.

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?
I just got my first paid IJ account, not this one, butt for a character journal. I was kind of stunned to see that I couldn't edit my comments even with a paid account. How about having that handy feature?

It would also be nice if, when I edited my posts, that I didn't have to do it in html.

• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites?

Really? Not that great as regards functionality. I only use IJ because I roleplay with some people who don't want to move to Dreamwidth.

IJ at least isn't as nasty as LJ, since the infamous release 88.

• What do you like most about IJ? How about the least?

Most - the 100 free icons, and so far that's the only reason the friends I RP with are here, and hence the only reason why I'm here. Sorry to be so derogatory, but it's the truth.

Least - the overall functionality. You guys should at least go and take a look at Dreamwidth, for some ideas, it's just gorgeous to use. I also loathe the fact I can't edit my posts in anything but html view. Also, I can't use the right-click spelling correction in the text box as I'm typing up a fresh post.

IJ Has a rich-text feature, not just the plain ol' html.

This is an old post. I hope [info]squeaky sees it, who runs the site.

I did specify when I want to edit, I have to do it in html.

It has that feature when you're typing up a new post, but when I go to edit them, html is the only choice. I can't see any rich text option anywhere.

I didn’t realise it was that old when I replied! Heh.

No worries. Squeaky runs this site pretty much by himself while committed to a full time job, so it isn't like the other journals where they have a dev team.

He used to introduce new things a lot, but lately (and sadly b/c I've been here since 2002), not much has happened.

Cons - I would like to be able to Delete my old posts.
I have been here since August of 2007.
Many of my posts were on IJ users who deleted their IJ accounts.
I would like to have my comments deleted along with the
deleted IJ accounts. That would clean up my post section.
The year of the post is still listed under my post section, of those that deleted their IJ accounts.
Likes - To have the amount of icons that I have here at IJ.
Cons - IJ is starting to look long in the tooth.
It needs a fresh format, newer updates.
Dreamwidth is nice but has its own issues.
Archive of Our Own is Great - It is easy for Artists and Authors to
Cross Post their work from Live Journal or other Websites.
Cost - If cost is a factor, maybe Squeaky should run a promotion of
paying $ for Extra Icons, or having a Permanent IJ account.
Reason = IJ was a refuge from Live Journal back in the day, esp.
the year 2007-2008. Sadly, not much has changed since then.
I would like to see Insane Journal get up into the year 2014.
*There is also a renewed resurgence right now, with many newbe
authors and artists discovering and coming over to Insane Journal.
An Easy Format, and Fresh 'Face' would be great for them, and us
oldies as well.