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The Bri-Bri [userpic]

I'd love to see the idea that Dreamwidth has with the cross-posting to LJ or IJ get integrated into IJ; I think it'd keep more people active here.

I also really like how you can import entries/settings from other journals/sites.

Would this be something that IJ could do?

(P.S. Does anyone still read this that has the ability to program such things?)

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I don't think any ideas left on this comm in the last couple of years have been implemented, have they? I can't remember when [info]squeaky last replied to an entry, either, so I'm thinking not so much, *hands*.

[info]squeaky doesn't always reply, but I'm hoping that there are other people involved as well that can do these types of things.

I don't really know, honestly. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in.

I think it's a beautiful thought, but considering how the last how many ideas have gone unrealized, also unrealistic :o(

Yea, that's true. I know that [info]squeaky can't do it all alone, so hoping that maybe those who are program masters and trustworthy could help.

He needs a new dev team. :)

What is the ETA on receiving email copies of our own comments?

I don't use that feature, so I wouldn't be able to tell you. I'd ask [info]squeaky.

OK, thanks. I would also love to be able to import all my Livejournal entries over here instead of copying them in by hand. Ten years' worth. I'll leave him a message.

I know the feeling of importing---DW has an importing method and it took my almost 10 years worth of IJ stuff there.

Seriously tho, if IJ adds some awesome new features, he could charge a little more for paid accounts and not only get more revenue, but bring more users back! I know a few have migrated recently.

Maybe an option to see which icons you're posting like on LJ instead of just seeing the names. Also, perhaps a fix to the notifications and some site remolding to make everything look less eyesore. The only fix seems to be using add ons for Chrome.