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October 23rd, 2010

09:29 am - Mod Post
Now that I've gotten a new computer and retrieved most of my images I should be able to start up the challenges again. I'm wondering if there's still enough interest to continue with them, so if you're a graphics maker please check out the poll. Thanks!

Poll #5687
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Are you interested in continuing with challenges?

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7 (70.0%)

0 (0.0%)

3 (30.0%)

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May 15th, 2010

11:01 pm - Mod Post ~ New Rule & Questions
ATTENTION ICON MAKERS: I've added a new rule for the challenges.

Icon file names must now be 6 characters or less. I regret having to make this rule but I've run into problems with placing the icon links in the voting polls. The links have been more than the maximum allowed characters that can be placed in polls. I've had to spend a lot of time renaming the icons during the first 2 challenges, so I'm now going to require the icon makers to name the icons according to this new rule. After the first challenge I shortened some of my folder names in photobucket to hopefully resolve the problem but then I ran into the same problem during the second challenge.

I have two questions and polls under the cut. Please come take a look!

Questions & Polls )

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