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The Premise [30 Sep 2011|09:01am]

There's no bond greater than blood, and no greater desire for a vampire either. Stefan Salvatore had been trying to convince himself that he had joined the Hybrid in order to save his brother, and lead him away to save the woman that he loved; but deep down inside he knew the reason he stood side by side with Klaus every night.

The victims piled up all over the states and he enjoyed the hunt, couldn't run from the thirst and as it continued, he didn't want to anymore. Damon knew the ways of the Ripper, and the more he kept track of his brothers attacks the more he gave up hope on ever getting him back. Elena, despite the fact that her feelings were growing for the younger Salvatore, couldn't accept the fact that Stefan had turned for the other team. She couldn't give up on him because she knew Stefan would never give up on her. Her pleading to Damon paid off, always wanting to make her happy, he decided to go search for Stefan. Half of him wanting to prove that the knight in shining armor was now a cold shell, and the other half wanting to get his brother back home and safe.

But they weren't the only ones with an agenda. Kathrine followed Klaus and Stefan night and day waiting for the moment she could swoop in and pry Stefan away. Knowing Stefan would be useless once Klaus had gotten what he wanted, he would dispose of Stefan and she just couldn't allow that to happen. So finally she lured Stefan into secretly teaming up with her against Klaus, who knew her plan would fail when Klaus finally got Stefan to flip the switch.

Kathrine continued on, despite Stefan now playing for Team Klaus, and with the help of Damon and Jeremy, woke up the sleeping vampire hunter, Mikhael.

Klaus finally found his mistake, finally able to turn his first Hybrid, Tyler, and leaving the doppelganger alive as his human blood bank, and Stefan in charge of watching over her. And his sister in charge of watching over all of them.

But nothing goes as planned, not with a Ripper on hand, a vampire - vampire hunter on the loose, a jealous blonde original who wants nothing more than to take over and be respected, a vampire who is torn between who he really wants to be, a pissed off baby vampire who wants her life back, a human blood bank, a medium, and a newborn hybrid learning the ropes..

Welcome to The Hybrid Diaries...
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